Rock that
"Yes, I woke up like this" 
Scandinavian look.

For women who are fed up with fashion advice,
Nordic Simplicity is the newsletter with the easiest,
most practical guides to dress simply without looking boring.

BSp neutrals and colours

Pick your outfits like a whizz 

...knowing that whatever you mix & match is going to look completely like you. Pick any top and pair it with any bottom from your closet that is put together in such a way that it all looks great together. Now, what to do with all that extra time in the morning?

Blue as a neutral

Power up your wardrobe you were born to look suave. 

The new business casual

Get your joy of dressing back

Relax, knowing that your clothes fit you and the life you're actually living. You'll be surprised at how energising it is to honour your real-life ordinary every-day occasions, looking great in outfits that are so comfortable that changing into something more comfortable when done working never even crosses your mind (bunny slippers optional).

Use the whole range

You don't have to know your Season

Of course it helps to know your Season or Colour Tone, but the Nordic Simplicity newsletter is full of tips that you can apply directly to your existing wardrobe, no matter if you have had a colour analysis or not. 


Course Participant

" You completely nailed it with this course! This answered every question I had. I can't get over how helpful it is that you're realistic about lifestyle, shopping, taste, etc. Love love love..."


Nordic Simplicity Subscriber

" This series of emails has had an immense influence on me.  I think it is the way you distill the information and present it one concept at a time.  It really speaks to me and allows me to absorb the information.."

Get my top 100 Nordic Simplicity hacks to dress simply without looking boring

From little-known tricks (like dyeing your fabrics to match your skin tone!), to the subtle ones (like how to layer with sophistication to avoid frumpytown), get the Nordic Simplicity survival kit: The emails that will teach you 100 Nordic tricks of being cute without being silly, being elegant without being stuffy, and being stylish without even trying.

I really do enjoy your angle on all this stuff, yours is the only colour/style-related mailing list I have stayed subscribed to...of course when I first got interested in this subject I was subscribed to several...but yours is the only one that stuck ;)



This is Jorunn.

- Founder of Nordic Simplicity "Simple, Not Boring" style system.

- Certified Personal Colour Analyst, trained by Christine Scaman of 12 BLUEPRINTS.

- Co-hosts Chrysalis Colour Analysis Podcast with Christine Scaman.

- Can come up with 57 reasons to keep your natural hair colour.

- Reveals complex colour and style in a straightforward way, because it really doesn't have to be that difficult.

- Takes a spoon of cod liver oil every morning. It builds character.