10 reasons why colour analysis will help you make a good first impression

How to make a good first impression

You don't have much time. Within 2-5 seconds, people have formed an opinion about you. Let's face it. You don't have time to perform those opening lines you rehearsed in front of the mirror at home. 

Forget sweaty palms and nervous stuttering, you don't even have to say anything to make a good first impression. The answer is to wear the colours that you are, your Season's colours. It speaks volumes about you, and let's have a closer look at how personal colour analysis can help you own the room when you enter it:

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You look younger

Wearing the colours of your colour palette makes your appearance more youthful.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look younger? The only time in your life when you ever wanted to look older was when you wanted to be allowed in to a movie that was rated above your age.


Your eyes are more accentuated

Wearing the correct colours will draw people’s attention to your eyes. As you will see during your draping, when the colours are right for your skin, the white in your eyes looks a little bit whiter, the colour of your eyes more intense, it’s like your eyes snap into focus. They look clearer and brighter. And to make this effect stronger: When you use lipstick in your perfect shade, this emphasises your eyes even further. 


Your skin looks healthier

All those little bumps and irregularities. We all have them, and the wrong colours will draw attention to every little mole, believe me. The wrong colours can make your skin look sallow and grey, or jaundiced. The right colours will smooth the skin and clear up the complexion, like your face is being lit from within.


Double chins are less noticeable

The wrong colours will cast shadows up your face in the weirdest ways, and the right colours will make shadows nest nicely under your chin, and make any double chins very much less noticeable. 

In addition, you will see during your draping that some colour nuances make your face look puffier and looser, and others will "suck the flesh closer to your bone structure".


Your smile is brighter

Yes, that is correct. Aside from the confidence that comes from knowing that you look your absolute best, the palette of your colour tone will make your teeth look whiter (and also the white in your eyes, hence the accenting of eyes that we covered in point 2).


You look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep

One of the most shocking moments during a colour analysis session is when we flip back and forth between drapes to reveal two completely different faces: One where you look like a crazed insomniac with no hope of sleep ever, and another rested, ready for anything wide awake face. All from flipping between two drapes, one right for your colour tone, and one wrong.

The effect is dramatic. No makeup and change of lighting. The same face, same amount of sleep. The impression is achieved only with the use of the right colours. 


You look fresh faced even without makeup

Another defining moment during a personal colour analysis is when we come to the point in the draping where we are zoning in on the correct colour tone, and the drapes begin to reveal a face that appears to have foundation and blush on, from one second to the next, just by putting the right nuance of a colour next to the skin. 

Skin like milk and peaches, lit from within, achieved without makeup. This is the magic of wearing the perfect shade of your best colour.


You look more professional

Wearing the colours that you are makes you look more authentic. And what is more professional than being authentic?

We often choose black because we view it as the ultimate professional colour. Imagine if you are a Light Summer, and wearing black makes you look like a child playing dress-up, more precisely a sickly child with a five o’clock shadow (even if you are a woman). This is the reality for a LSu, this is what the colour black does to her. What would make her look more professional: a black blazer with a stark white shirt, or a medium grey blazer with an eggshell white shirt? I rest my case.

Colour analysis put to good use makes you look more professional.


People notice you before they notice your clothes

When you wear your season’s palette, you create a congruent look that makes people notice you, not the clothes you are wearing.


And in the split second that it takes to create a first impression, you don’t have time to waste on eyes darting around on your outfit before they finally rest on your face.


Your outfit will always be coordinated

When the people you meet do get around to noticing what you are wearing, they will see an effortlessly put together outfit where the items are in tune with each other, just like the outfit will be perfectly in tune with you.

Putting together outfits for meetings or your workday will be super easy. Using your season’s colour palette you will slowly build a perfectly coordinated wardrobe, and getting dressed will be quick and fun. 

Do you need help looking for a personal colour analysis consultant near you? Look up the analyst directory at the Chrysalis Colour website.

And if you live within traveling distance of London, UK, you can book a Personal Colour Analysis with me!

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About the author, Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst, founder of Nordic Simplicity and Scandinavian Style Academy™, the fresh, simple, Scandinavian approach to getting dressed. Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

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