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...as we say in Norwegian. It means "Hello, how are you doing?" but we prefer to keep it short and sweet.

I'm so glad you're here!

Nordic Simplicity is a website, blog and online course resource for the easiest, most practical guides to dressing simply without looking boring.

You know the frustration of rifling through your closet looking for the perfect top to wear, and having found it, discover that you really don’t have any skirts that match. The feeling of  having a closet full of nothing to wear is something sounds intimately familiar, am I right?

And you feel so frumpy in your mundane everyday clothes and really want to look more polished, but when you follow the tips in the fashion magazine you end up feeling ridiculously overdressed.

You've come to the right place if you want to:

1. Get your joy of dressing back. 

2. Power up your wardrobe like you were born to look suave.

3. Pick any top and pair it with any bottom from your wardrobe, a wardrobe that is put together in such a way that it all looks great together.

4. Look great in outfits that are so comfortable that changing into something more comfortable when done working never even crosses your mind.

5. Learn the secret code to understated Scandinavian style (also known as looking stylish without heels and statement jewelry)

Would you like to get on board? Get my top 100 Nordic Simplicity hacks to dress simply without looking boring. From little-known tricks (like dyeing your clothes to match your skin tone!) to the subtle ones (like how to layer with sophistication to avoid frumpytown), get the emails that will teach you being cute without being silly, being elegant without being stuffy and being stylish without even trying:

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I really do enjoy your angle on all this stuff, yours is the only colour/style-related mailing list I have stayed subscribed to...of course when I first got interested in this subject I was subscribed to several...but yours is the only one that stuck 😉