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If you're looking for reasons NOT to spend money on a Personal Colour Analysis, I'll give you some good ones HERE.

You'll also find content about personal colour analysis, some is about downsizing and upgrading your wardrobe, and some of it is about how to present yourself with authenticity, and tips on how to save money. And if you're getting married, look no further in order to choose the perfect white for your wedding gown.

Did you know that most women use only 20 percent of the clothes in their wardrobes?

...and still struggle putting together outfits that they actually enjoy wearing?

Knowing your season is the first step to creating a stunning, authentic, sustainable wardrobe.

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6 lessons


An in-depth guide to 12 tone personal colour analysis. The goal of this course is to give you a broad understanding of what PCA is, how it is conducted, and to help you decide if you should bother with it at all.

Free Course

18 lessons


This quick guide is for you if are afraid of lipstick. Maybe you're just a little intimidated, or feel you need a little guidance. So, if you want to ease into using lipstick as part of your self-care routine, step into my office. I'll give you some baby steps to follow.

Free Course

5 lessons


Are you making these mistakes when shopping with your colour fan? Learn how to avoid these mistakes and shop with confidence!