Let’s talk about style icons. I never aspire to be one, but I have many. Most of them are accidental style icons, they probably have no idea that they are one to me.

One of them is Hannah Gadsby. I don’t think she ever set out to be a style icon.

She is the precious and rare combination of funny and profound.

Hannah Gadsby has her own, very simple style.

She has elevated uniform dressing to an art form. On stage (I’ve only ever seen her on stage, don’t know what she wears at home), she wears a simple suit, sensible shoes, and a snazzy haircut. Done deal.

I’ve seen her in different suits and they’re always in the best cut, simple. And blue. Always blue. I doubt she has had a colour analysis, but she looks darn good in the deep blue suits that she wears. She says blue calms her, that’s why she always wears it. As good a reason as any to wear a colour.

Watch her live in this little video clip where she talks about BLUE being full of contradictions