Christmas Eve.

On this last day of the Advent Calendar, I want to share with you a quote from a fellow introvert. You’ll remember her from day 16 in the Advent Calendar. The stand-up comedian and author Hannah Gadsby.

I adore her for so many reasons, partly because we share a very passionate relationship with tea. Hannah writes in her autobiography Ten Steps To Nanette that every day when she came home from school she went to her neighbours for a cup of tea. And that quiet hour, drinking tea together and watching TV was something she needed so much after surviving another day of school.

Also, from her profound and heart-wrenching standup show Nanette (I laughed and I cried and was furious on her behalf), I’ve taken one of my favourite quotes:

“The most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of a teacup hitting the saucer.”

Never underestimate the power of a cup of tea, be it alone or in the company of someone you feel safe with. While we’re on the topic of tea, can you imagine something more beautiful than a teacup, in thin porcelain? I think everyone should own one. With a saucer. Because how else will you be able to savour the beautiful sound of the teacup hitting the saucer? I hope you'll enjoy a few peaceful cups of tea this Christmas.

Think of me when the cup hits the saucer, and we’ll send warm thoughts to each other across mountains and oceans.

And for a Christmas story to read while you drink your Christmas tea, click on the image!

Christmas Tea

I hope you have enjoyed this string of 24 surprises of the Nordic Simplicity Advent Calendar. After New Year, I'll be returning to the regular blog posts and emails about colour and style, with Nordic Simplicity.