The Nordic Simplicity Way

Hello Seeker of Simplicity!

Learn. Grow. Live. There's always some new trick to dressing with easy style, some aspect of colour you have not known about, and new ways to get fired up about finally getting rid of all those clothes that don't fit and allowing yourself to dress in your favourite clothes every day.

Here are the in-depth premium courses:

Capsule Wardrobes with Nordic Simplicity

Step by step guide to creating capsule wardrobes for your style and lifestyle, with Nordic Simplicity. You don't have to know your Season or colour tone in order to benefit from this course.

There are many, many neutrals that are far better for all three Summers than black. And the black that you CAN wear is so different from the black that Winters can wear. Here's how to tell the difference and to nail your best neutrals without resorting to black. With detailed guides for Light Summer, True Summer and Soft Summer.

Neutrals for the Summer Seasons

A short guide to the neutrals of the three Summer seasons. How to recognise them and how to use them to enhance the quiet sophistication of being a Summer.

Dressing without black for Autumns

Black is among the most unflattering colours any of the three Autumns can wear. And why should you resort to black, when there are myriads of other, much better colours in your palettes? With detailed guides for Soft Autumn, True Autumn and Dark Autumn.

How to outsmart black for Winters

The three Winters can look radiant in black. Find out how to use black to your advantage even as you grow older, and discover fabulous alternatives! With detailed guides for Bright Winter, True Winter and Dark Winter.

How to avoid black for Springs

One of the superpowers of all three Spring Seasons is the ability to wear colour. Lots of colours. Except black. Here's the complete guide to why this is, and how to find the very best alternatives for black, so you can be the vibrant Spring you were meant to be. With detailed guides for Bright Spring, True Spring and Light Spring.

Bright Winter Course

Grasp the essence of Bright Winter, with practical help and lots of examples. Welcome to your most practical guide to life as a Bright Winter. SUITABLE BOTH FOR RELUCTANT AND EXUBERANT BRIGHT WINTERS


Choosing Lipstick

Lipstick 101. How should you wear it? How many do you need? And the stages of your relationship with a lipstick.

Brand Identity that makes a splash

How to use your Season's essence to plunge into your coolest brand identity!

Explore how you can use your Season's colour fan when planning your own branding and website to create a brand that stands out from the oatmeal soup of humdrum brands out there.

The Man guide to an easy wardrobe

A quick and easy introduction to uniform dressing and capsule wardrobe dressing for men.