February 4

Blazer styled five ways


Most of us own some sort of a blazer, and it's a wonderful staple in a capsule wardrobe.

Here's a challenge:

Think of different ways of wearing that blazer.

If you normally wear it in a formal kind of outfit, think of ways of tweaking it into a more casual style. Wear it with jeans instead of those dress pants. 

Layer it. Wear it as a layer under a larger coat.

Belt it. Casual belt, party belt.

Pin a brooch on it. Pin three brooches. AND a belt.

Scarf it. Turn up the collar and wear the scarf under the collar, wear the blazer open over a nice warm turtleneck sweater and bundle a scarf around your neck.

Here's my take on five ways to wear one blazer:

Blazer styled five ways


Blazer, easy style

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