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Basic colours and neutral colours

What are basic colours and neutral colours?Are basic colours and neutral colours one and the same?  Well, yes, and no. A lot of people use these words as interchangeable terms, and we can, if we’re making broad sweeping statements, but they are actually not exactly the same.  I help clients with capsule wardrobes, and I get the […]

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Pets and Seasons

Can pets be seasons? There is no colour analysis available for pets, but that does not stop us from assigning seasons to them, for fun. Here’s a gallery of pets and the seasons the owners have assigned to them. A big thank you to all my readers who have submitted photos of their pets. Enjoy! I’m not […]

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Makeup at 60

A video showing how I apply makeup. I’m not a professional so go ahead, please do try this at home! The video is long, more than 10 minutes, but that’s because of all the chit-chat along the way. Ordinarily, a simple makeup routine like this takes less than five minutes. I’m just a regular woman putting on […]

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Core colour

Photo by Alessandro Ranica on UnsplashThe core colours. How do they apply to colour analysis? And is there a link to personality?RedThe energy of red symbolizes a daring, forceful spirit. Red is active. Red is a warm colour. It comes towards you. In an image, red objects will appear closer. Red commands attention. Red can also symbolize vitality, […]

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Bright Spring Inspiration

Some outfits and suggestions as inspiration for Bright Spring. ‚Äč Bright Spring in winterA statement coat in a signature colour is a great way to brighten those dreary winter days. And bright orange/coral colour like this one is perfect for Bright Spring. Pair it with a variety of accessories in your other colours and you’re set. Since accessories are […]

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