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Bright Spring has an exuberant energy that should shine through in your brand identity and website.

Dressing as a Bright Spring makes a great first impression when you express your colours and personality through the clothes you wear.

You can make an equally great impression using your colours and personality when you create the website for your business.

Your personal branding should incorporate your essence, whatever your occupation or message.

As a Bright Spring, you want your website to reflect the electrifying professional intensity that goes with your colour palette.

Bright Spring website colours examples

Green-grey and bright coral

This creates an impression of radiant intensity

The neutral colours creamy vanilla and a dark grey with a subtle green undertone are used as basic colour choices such as headers and as background for content boxes.

And for the attention grabbing buttons you can choose this bright coral.

Full name

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Pink and green

Being a neutral Season allows you to pick from the cooler and warmer ends of your palette.

Two shades of coral pink adds a lively touch to your website.

And with this cooler bright green you create energy with complimentary colours.

Yellow and brown

The elusive Bright Spring rust is so hard to find in clothing, so why not use it as a signature colour in your brand identity?

Bright, sunny yellow sets the energy level and vibrant intensity of Bright Spring.

And how about this rich yellow for your pop of colour and call to action buttons 

As you see, the colour effect is subtle, but undoubtedly Bright Spring.

There are countless other colour combinations that would go very well with all kinds of Bright Spring personal brand identities and occupations. Ask me for help if you're stuck!

The examples above are random examples of styled boxes available in Thrive Themes, as a way of showing you the colour combinations in the wild.

Fonts and elements

When it comes to fonts, usability is the most important. 

It's important to keep the headlines and paragraphs in simple google or web safe fonts.

Installing Thrive Themes Shapeshift Theme guides you through all of these steps and lets you use exact Bright Spring colours when branding your WordPress website:

Would you like to know exactly how to build your brand identity using the colours of your Season's palette? Check out my free mini-course about brand identity. It's a short little mini-course with just three lessons, but full of useful tips and tricks.

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