Bright Winter Inspiration

Some outfits and suggestions as inspiration for Bright Winter

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Bright Winter in winter

Collage created with the wonderful

The safe choice is to pick a coat in one of your neutral colours.

Bright Winter should wear bright colours, but if you are a reluctant Bright Winter, you may choose a shiny black down jacket.

You can bring brightness into your outfit in smaller portions, with a colourful scarf or hat.

Two ways of styling one dress

It's a fun challenge to change the look with the help of accessories! And when you wear the colours that you are, they remember YOU, not what dress you wore!

Collage created with the wonderful

A simple dress in a neutral colour is a good investment for a sustainable wardrobe, (and bonus points for not choosing black, this dress is actually a very dark navy).

Jeans for Bright Winter

If you are like most women, you have a pair of jeans in your wardrobe.
At least one. 
One nice pair of jeans, that you can use with a dressed-up top and heels, perhaps? 
And then the trusty old pair that has been laundered to a state of perfect fit and softness, for a relaxed week-end. Hard to get rid of, right? And why should you? A great pair of jeans just gets better with age and wear. 

Did you know that around 7500 litres of water are used to make one pair of jeans? And jeans that are factory bleached and torn have been subjected to even more chemical treatment and artificial wear.

So wearing out the jeans yourself, during years and years of use, is the best choice for the environment.

Winters are not obvious jeans-lovers. Winters don't do casual, at least not unless it's carried off with a certain crisp elegance.
If you are wearing jeans well, they are probably not of the bleached and torn category.

For Bright Winter, the defining aspect is chroma.

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Chroma, or intensity, is what we're after. 
Looking at the next photos, which one do you feel has the highest chroma?

Contrast is important for winters. By turning up the cuff on the jeans, you introduce contrast.

Collage created with the wonderful

All three winters can use the jeans on the illustration. What makes the outfit perfect for Bright Winter, is that you combine the dark, crisp jeans with something that adds brightness, either something very light like a crisp white shirt (if you're into the classic look), or combine it with one of your star colours, like a bright red top.

Here are the same jeans, combined with different shoes and tops to adapt them to Dark Winter, True Winter and Bright Winter. 

Bright Winter is an intriguing Season. I have special inside info just for you.

Bright Winter in summer

Accessories for warm summer days

Adding some sophistication to an outfit is essential. 
I have one word for you. And that's two words: Always accessorise. 
Nordic Simplicity is simple. But not boring. 

And since outfits for warm summer days tend to be quite minimal, choosing a few essential accessories (and actually remembering to use them) is key.

By adding interesting accessories we elevate simplicity into sophistication.

For the reluctant Bright Winter, a monochrome outfit like this might be just the thing.

A bangle in silver, swarowsky crystals & black and a silver necklace is a high contrast safe choice for Bright Winter. 

You should at least consider investing in a pair of Swarowsky crystal earrings, it will be your most versatile Bright Winter Accessory.

Collage created with the wonderful

Collage created with the wonderful

And... if you're feeling a little more bold and daring:

Try bright marachino cherry red accessories for a true Bright Winter vibe.

About the author, Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst, founder of Nordic Simplicity and Scandinavian Style Academy™, the fresh, simple, Scandinavian approach to getting dressed. Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

  • I really enjoyed this series of blog articles about the 12 seasons. I learned so much about the other 11 seasons about what their color schemes are. But since I am a BW, just a comment about this blog post. What would you recommend as a coat color other than black for the non-reluctant bright winter? And do you have any other color combinations for hat and scarf and gloves for bright winter (as I am asking from Canada where I wear these for 6 months of the year lol)
    Also I appreciate red being a bright color to wear for BW but what would you recommend to wear for purple, blue or green if you were to substitute these colors for say the necklace/earrings above or a shirt with jeans? Thanks again for all your great ideas!

  • Hi!
    This is such a nice advice for the ‘reluctant’ bright winter! I guess I am more of a ‘pleasantly surprised’ BW. My whole life I gravitated towards black and white, bright blue and red/fuchsia. I felt comfortable in those colors, and people remarked how good I looked in black. It contrasted with my blonde hair, which was why I could at first not believe myself to be a winter. But then, my very dark grey eyes just felt wrong in my face when I wore softer, summery colors. I seemed to need contrast and chroma. Then Christine Scaman told me that dark hair color is not what makes a winter and things fell into place. Are there many more blonde winters out there, I wonder? All the best, Eva

    • Hello Eva, I know there are many naturally blonde Winters out there, True Winters and Bright Winters. I have never met a naturally blonde Dark Winter though, not yet anyway 🙂 but it is true that we look at the skin first and foremost and even though it is not typical of Winters to be naturally blonde, it is all the more exotic when we find that unusual combination of blonde hair and Winter skin. Very often it comes as a huge relief to finally be revealed as a Winter because from a quick glance one might wrongly interpret these lovely people as Summers, and it really deprives you of the radiance that comes with the Winter palettes. Thanks for submitting the comment, and I’m glad the blog post resonated with you!

      • Hello Jorunn, thank you for your reply! You mention the radiance of the winter palettes, I think that’s exactly why I love these colors so much. Also, when I wear soft or muted colors my face seems far too bright somehow in comparison ;))

        • I know. That’s exactly right. You’re selling yourself short when wearing soft and muted colours. As I always say, never compromise on intensity, rather wear it in smaller portions!

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