Hello Bright Winter! 

You know what? In my practice as a Personal Colour Analyst, I find that Bright Winters are the most mysterious of all the12 Seasons. Such a curious mix of magical sweetness and stark wintery frost. 

And among all the people I have analysed, the Bright Winters are the ones who are most often hesitant to embrace their colours in public. Being a Bright Winter myself, I feel a special obligation to be here for you! 

I'm here to unlock the magic of Bright Winter for you, so you can frolic in the faery meadows wearing your colours with confidence, look perfectly professional in your brilliant colours and look 17 years younger wearing that perfect Bright Winter lipstick.


Oh, and if you'd like another quiz, this quiz will tell you which Nordic style type you might be. Antlers not included.


Christine and I co-host the Chrysalis Colour Analysis Podcast. Have a listen!


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