Go from reluctant to confident Bright Winter

Learn to be a dazzling Bright Winter…
even if you have silver hair or are a low contrast Bright Winter!

Being Bright Winter is also super inspiring if you're an exuberant Bright Winter who wants to enhance your brightness.

You are so lucky, Being Bright Winter is now open for enrollment:

You know you are a Bright Winter. But you don't like to stand out, and even though the colours are smashing, you have no idea how to start using them

Does any of this feel familiar? Check all that apply:

You are feeling a little overwhelmed by the brightness of your fan, thinking that these colours might make you look like a tropical parrot on steroids. 

You're struggling to put together a Bright Winter outfit. You can't think of a way to tweak the outfit so that you can look good in them anyway.

You find it hard to confidently pick the right colours when you are shopping for Bright Winter.

And you know you need colours with high intensity, but you're not comfortable using them.

You need a fresh start on being Bright Winter.

You long for simple guidelines on being Bright Winter.

You wish you could bottle your colour analyst and have her with you in your handbag, or she could sit on your shoulder when you you go through your wardrobe.

You would love to have your very own Personal Colour Analyst that whispers in your ear when you are planning to invest in a new garment.

"Jorunn, I took this master class some time ago and loved it. It continues to be an excellent resource, especially the Colors section. Your pictured clothing in Bright Winter colors is incredibly helpful for online shopping. I have had great success in choosing good colors when I use your examples — much better than trying to hold my color fan on the screen. So thank you again for providing such helpful, usable content!"

Being Bright Winter

...has never been easier!

Learn how to dress like a Bright Winter without feeling like you look like a clown. You can be a radiant Bright Winter even if you're scared stiff by those bright colours right now.

With this course, you'll be confidently shopping and dressing as a Bright Winter. 

Especially if you're a new Bright Winter and you need a kick-start to revamp your wardrobe, or it’s been a while since you had your colour analysis and you haven’t embraced Bright Winter as much as you hoped.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course is designed to go deep into the basics and details of Bright Winter in glorious details with delicious images and examples. And also, I've got you covered regarding the hard stuff.


Some Bright Winter magic for your outfits

...but without being too conspicuous.


Confidence boosting points to remember when you go to the hairdresser.

Checklists for easy wardrobe management.

What to remember when shopping for makeup.


Images, examples and ideas to inspire you

...but real life examples, not red carpet outfits.

Collages to inspire you and practical guidelines for everyday dressing.

About Jorunn

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst and creator of Nordic Simplicity Wardrobe Magic, the system you turn to when you've done 1497 closet cleanouts and still have nothing to wear and will positively vomit the next time you hear someone mention the word "capsule wardrobe".

Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books or knitting.

Jorunn Hernes Personal Colour Analyst

Happy students


Bright Winter course student

Avoid some expensive mistakes

I highly recommend taking this course if you are a bright winter. I took the course a year ago and then repeated it this last few days and have found it extremely helpful. Had I taken it 8 years ago when I was color draped as a bright winter it would have helped me get focused, make a plan and avoid some expensive mistakes.


Bright Winter course student

I can see myself returning to this content frequently

This course was very useful with many practical examples and lovely videos. So much information; I am reading all it over and over again. Now it is easier for me to understand bright winter essence in real life with many new ideas. Thank you !


Bright Winter course student

I love that you addressed the lighter-haired/lower-contrast appearing Bright Winters

These topics have been so helpful, and I love that you addressed the lighter-haired/lower-contrast appearing Bright Winters, as I’ve felt rather a bit of an outsider. Such useful tips, and I love your pragmatism, light-heartedness, and wit. I know I will be going back to this again and again. Thank you, Jorunn!


Bright Winter course student

I can see myself returning to this content frequently

Hello Jorunn. I have been enjoying your masterclass for Bright Winters. Much like a glass of good wine or chocolate, it is best consumed slowly and with relish. There is so much good and helpful information here that I can see myself returning to this content frequently. Thank you for your efforts to make us Bright Winters as informed, comfortable and successful with our season as possible.

Right now I find myself especially grateful for your lessons on chroma and pattern. I have read other descriptions about chroma and pattern. I never really grasped the concept of chroma before your lesson. Your language and your comparative photos really bring it to life. You describe Bright Winter’s best prints with such descriptive language, again supported by really excellent photos. Your words — clear borders, sharp edges — are so well chosen and, again, bring concepts to life.

I know I have more to learn and will enjoy every minute of the process. Thanks again for creating such a cohesive and accessible class.

Course Content

Have a look at what’s in the course:


Of Course We Cover The Basics

What kind of colours are perfect for Bright Winter? How do you spot your version of blue, red, green, yellow when shopping? How exactly do you find the correct intensity? Do you need examples of how much contrast is just right for a Bright Winter outfit?

In this first module we'll cover all the basics. All the way from describing the essence of Bright Winter with examples and illustrations, to a thorough presentation of Bright Winter colours (all of them, in great detail and with lots of images and photos), explaining Bright Winter value and contrast and showing you how you recognize Bright Winter intensity in the wild.


And Then We Get Into The Details

How to choose the best neutrals? And which neutrals make the best foundation to build a Bright Winter wardrobe on? Which kind of brown would be the perfect Bright Winter brown? How much colour and how much neutrals? Do you need to use all the colours in your fan? Accessories, makeup? How do you keep expressing the Bright Winter essence as you grow older?

We cover the ultra important Bright Winter neutrals that are so important as a backdrop to all those vibrant colours. We also talk about pattern and scale, textures, and how to accessorize like a pro. And last but not least, some inside tips on how to put together Bright Winter outfits that truly communicates the vibrant elegance of this brilliant season.


And Not To Forget The Hard Stuff

Putting together outfits that don't scream, but are perfectly Bright Winter. Finding the right balance between winter's strict crispness and the spring playful element that makes Bright Winter such a magical season.

And if you're a little afraid of being a Bright Winter, how do you express your true Bright Winter season when you actually are quite subdued and introvert as a person? Not to worry, this is covered in great detail.

There is also a special section for the silver-haired or low contrast Bright Winter!

Even though you did get all the information you needed at the time of your PCA

...who can go around remembering all that?

Imagine having access to all the aspects of your season on your mobile phone, to look up whenever you need to refresh your memory!

"...a really great BW resource. I really like your take on BW and your explanations on how to adapt the season for low contrast/ reluctant types, and also how to incorporate natural fabrics, which I definitely prefer."

Should You Buy The Bright Winter Course?

Go for it

  • If you're an exuberant Bright Winter who wants to enhance your brightness
  • If you're a reluctant Bright Winter who is terrified of the dazzling palette
  • If you want to age gracefully as a Bright Winter
  • If you need help with the challenges of being Bright Winter
  • If you want to build an effective Bright Winter wardrobe
  • If you want to create your own version of Bright Winter

Don't bother

  • If you're still trying to figure out your Season
  • If you aren't sure if you're a Bright Winter


...of course there are Bonuses!

Don't miss out on


A whole section dedicated to choosing the right eyeglass frames.

Wardrobe tips

 Copious illustrations with example outfits for Bright Winter


A series of accountability emails from me, helping you as you go through the course

Being Bright Winter is:

Indispensable when you need to renew your summer wardrobe

Look up the chapter about Bright Winter challenges, on how to find great summer clothing for Bright Winter. 

essential if you want to colour your hair

Check what the chapter about hair colour for Bright Winter, and make some notes to bring with you to the hairdresser. 

mandatory when fashion changes

Yikes, suddenly yellow is the season's hottest colour! Fashion changes, but your season stays the same. Look up what your Bright Winter course says about your best yellow (or whatever other colour you want to revisit), so you either avoid falling into the fashion trap, or perhaps discover that now is the time to invest in one of your statement items.

An investment for the rest of your life

You paid a lot of money to find your Season, and it was worth it!

With this Masterclass, you can make sure you have total access to all about being Bright Winter and return to it, whenever you like, as often as you like.



money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

You are fully protected by the 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.
I am convinced you will find the course useful.
However, if you're not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.

Here’s what people are saying about Jorunn


Nordic Simplifier

Clean, crisp

I love your site and the clean, crisp presentation of both ideas and clothing.

I’m so grateful for your keen grasp of color and its role in personal style.


Nordic Simplifier

Clearing up the "mumbo-jumbo"

I loved your course. It made what can often sound like what I call "mumbo-jumbo" very clear and precise. Thank-you


Nordic Simplifier

Really speaks to me

This series of emails has had an immense influence on me.  I think it is the way you distill the information and present it one concept at a time.  It really speaks to me and allows me to absorb the information.

...and about Being Bright Winter:

Jorunn guides you step by step

The Bright Winter course from Jorunn at Fargeporten is impressive on every level. Presented with Nordic simplicity and real-life practicality, you receive immediate access to creating the elegance of your Bright Winter colours in the way that feels right to you. The apparel images and comparisons are so user-friendly that I had to remind myself to read the text too. The course includes valuable information right down the the last page, including how to combine colours and choose accessories. The collaboration with Courtenay of Studio St. John for the hair colour page (including product images and a script for your colourist!) is a value gem in its own right. The moment you learn your Bright Winter identity, Jorunn guides you step by step, with the visualizations that you need to get shopping decisions right. Enhancing our natural colours has become an attainable goal for all women within our everyday lives.

Christine Scaman



will the course help me find my season?

No. Only a Personal Colour Analysis can do that. But when you know that you're a Bright Winter, the course will deepen your relationship with your season and make you unlock the Bright Winter magic.

does the course have links to shops? 

The course is meant to be evergreen, so the collages and examples used in the lessons don't have links to shops (because clothes get sold out and links get outdated). The illustrations are meant as examples to train your eye to spot the right clothes when you go shopping for yourself. 

is there a time limit on the course? 

There is no time limit. Once you have enrolled, you will have total access to the course and can go through it at your own pace. You are free to return to the course content as many times as you wish, whenever you want.

You will have access to everything contained in the course for as long as it exists.

And if I ever update the course materials, you will also be able to access future iterations.

will the course content be outdated? 

The content relating to your season will be as evergreen as the 12 tone colour analysis system. Any examples, collages and wardrobe examples will of course be taken from the items available in 2019, when the course was created.

how should i use the course? 

You can go through the course from beginning to end, module by module. Or, you can use the course as your own personal Bright Winter encyclopedia, and access each topic when the need arises, whenever you want.

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Jorunn Hernes Personal Colour Analyst
Jorunn Hernes Personal Colour Analyst