Should a Bright Winter not colour her hair?

Of course she should! If she wants to. 

Colouring your hair is a matter of personal choice, not whether you are this or that season.

The trick is to pick the right hair colour for Bright Winter, and for your particular version of Bright Winter specifically.

If you were born with Bright Winter version of sandy blond hair, it makes no sense to colour it a dark espresso brown.

For the lesson on Bright Winter hair colour, I teamed up with my colleague Courtenay of Studio St. John. Together we composed a lesson of thorough guidelines for Bright Winter hair, whether you choose to colour it, or letting it go grey. 

One of Courtenay's tips is to study photos of yourself when you were in your twenties, and take that as a rough baseline for where you should be aiming at when you choose hair colour.

We have lots of colour examples to show you in the Bright Winter Course, and a checklist that you can bring to your salon next time you have an appointment to get your hair coloured.

Bright Winter has a wide range of hair colourings that all look great. You'll find yours in the lesson about Bright Winter hair colour, I'm sure. Or perhaps the course will give you courage to transition into a sparkly Bright Silver Fox?

BW Megan Fox

Glamorous, probably extensively photoshopped bright Winter Megan Fox

Rose gold hair for BW

Anonymous rose gold hair from Pinterest

Bright Winter grey hair

Real life, ordinary Bright Winter (me) with grey hair