Learn your neutrals and use them.

A sneak preview of content from the Bright Winter course, picked from one of the lessons on neutrals:

Neutrals are the backbone of your wardrobe

Bright Winter neutrals span from white barely tinted by sunshine yellow through pearl grey, to medium steel grey and cool taupe all the way to dark charcoal and espresso brown.

All neutrals, low contrast outfit

How to lift this outfit from boring and safe to sparkly Bright Winter?

Tweaking items into Bright Winter

That bag is mine. And it isn't exactly the perfect Bright Winter bag but I love it because it is so practical. This is how I tweaked it into becoming Bright Winter:

Fjellräven Foldsack grey

I pinned a delightfully sparkly brooch over the Fjellräven logo and then some Bright Winter magic happened.

Fjellräven Foldsack with brooch
Other ways to lift the example outfit

Switch to a high contrast top instead of the solid grey top.

Navy and white are also great options, also dark charcoal grey with a silvery light grey.

High contrast neutral outfit
Neutrals are the backbone, but without colours added, your wardrobe may look a little sceletal

It is safe to stay within the neutral colour range, for fear of looking like a clown. 

Bright Winter outfits can be created without going outside the range of neutrals. It is perfectly within Bright Winter to not wear colours in large blocks.

In fact, many Bright Winters feel more comfortable within a more limited winter colour palette. By using neutrals of high contrast and adding accessories that bring a little sparkle into the outfit you will still express the essence of Bright Winter. And adding colour is ok, too!

But I have so much to show you about how to bring in Bright Winter colours without feeling like a fraud.

There are lots of examples in the course lessons.


Among the more elusive Bright Winter neutrals we find brown. I've heard people say that brown shouldn't be in a winter's palette.

Maybe that's because browns often come in warmer shades that are better for Autumns and Springs.

In the course I have collected some examples that you may find useful when you pick accessories and clothes in brown, for Bright Winter.