How does Bright Winter do natural fibres?

Bright Winter has one of the most pigmented, intense palettes of all the 12 seasons. 

But that doesn't mean Bright Winters have to dress in acrylic and polyester. However, a Bright Winter who wants to choose natural fibres over synthetic must be prepared to sacrifice some of the brightness and shine.

For example, here are some linen tops that I found, probably close to the maximum intensity that linen allows for. But we do love linen, don't we? Linen is one of the most environmentally sound textile choices.

Bright Winter linen tops

Bright Winter linen tops

A way to compensate for the lack of intensity is to choose pure colour with as high intensity as the fibre allows for, and pay close attention to other aspects of Bright Winter essence: High contrast, clear, distinct patterns, luxurious details, restraint and composed style, original, contemporary feeling and brilliant, twinkly accessories.

It is perfectly OK for a Bright Winter to use natural fibres. 

In fact, the environmentally best choice in clothing is to use more natural fibres, and less synthetics like polyester and acrylic.

So what is a Bright Winter to do?

Make sure jewelry, makeup and accessories have the brilliance that Bright Winter craves.

I'll show you some more examples of great accessories and how to incorporate them into cohesive outfits in the Bright Winter course lessons.