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Create a functional and fabulous wardrobe

...and nail your Nordic style

Build functional capsule wardrobes, even if you know your season!

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Sometimes I feel that magazines and fashion blogs give wardrobe suggestions for women with this kind of life: 

20% Cocktail parties

15% Restaurant dinners

20% Red carpet events

35% Beauty sleep

10% Time with Personal Trainer

But I have a feeling that your day looks a little more like this?

Learn how to use

your days to create the right wardrobe for you 

...with Nordic simplicity

You have a closetful of clothes, but nothing to wear.

you have made far too many failed purchases and can't make great outfits from the clothes in your closet.

You feel bad for all the clothes that are unused and need help to take charge eof your wardrobe.  

You would like to create a personal style that really reflects who you are. 

You want to organize your closet but don't know how to start.

You agree that the clothing industry is using too much of the earth's resources, and want to do something about it.

​You would like a sustainable wardrobe with garments that you can use for a long time without getting tired of them.

You no longer want to consume clothes, you want to live in them.

It is possible to create your own style

and stop making purchases that you regret

You will get more use out of fewer clothes.

Let me show you how!

With this course you'll have all you need to create tailored capsule wardrobes, for your lifestyle. 

You'll save energy, time and money!

This is what you'll get:

A magic formula for sorting out your wardrobe

...but that is actually easy to implement

A loving kick in the rear to get started

...but with practical help and support all the way  

Examples and ideas to inspire you

...but for ordinary women, not celebrities

The course covers:

  • Your style 
    How to uncover your dream style and use it when dressing 
  • Taking stock of your wardrobe
    Practical guidance and inspiration to get your clothes sorted, once and for all 
  • Capsule wardrobes for all your activities
    Learn how you can create capsule wardrobes for your activities, your actual life 
  • Budgeting for your wardrobe
    Help to plan your purchases and a bonus section with practical tips if you want to have a spending pause

Imagine sorting out your wardrobe once and for all?

Jorunn guides you through the whole process in a positive way with simple steps to follow. This is a practical guide to a simpler wardrobe. When you no longer have to think so much about how to dress, you free up energy for other, more important things in your life.

And last but not least, you'll save money by having a wardrobe plan. 

You want to LIVE WITH SIMPLICITY and have a sustainable wardrobe

Need support? 

I'm totally here for you. You have the option of booking the course with personal guidance included.

If you go for that option, you'll get to schedule two 1-hour personal sessions with me on Zoom, where we can address your personal challenges and I can walk you trough the process.

For instance, we can schedule one of the calls in the beginning of the course as you are analyzing your lifestyle and figuring out how many and what kind of capsule wardrobes you need, and then one more session when you are at the point where you're assembling the capsule wardrobes, or when you need some help elsewhere in the process.

These two calls will be completely tailored to your personal needs.

  1. 1
    Simple steps: With all the tools and worksheets you need
  2. 2
    Practical: Created for real women
  3. 3
    Nordic simplicity: Simply explained, simple to implement

Are you ready for a totally new way of thinking about clothes and outfits?

What customers say about other courses:

Practical and useful

I do like the course and find it useful because it is so practical.


Great suggestions

The recommendations and the suggestions about application were great


This course filled in SO many gaps

I REALLY enjoyed your Bright Winter course. I found your softer spoken video presence made me feel extremely welcome. This course filled in SO many gaps and gave me many, many "aha!" moments. Your makeup suggestions were a HUGE help!


Fun, easy, and the visuals were great

This course was fun, easy, and the visuals were great. I liked that it was broken down by seasons, and that details were given for each lipstick/gloss example. I would enjoy a course on eyeshadow.


Excellent and worth every penny

I am loving the Bright Winter course so much. It's so excellent and worth every penny. I'm very in love with the course you created. I'll refer to it over and over again!


So helpful

Thank you so much. The information is so helpful. I appreciate it. Thank you again :)


Clean, crisp presentation

I love your site and the clean, crisp presentation of both ideas and clothing.

I’m so grateful for your keen grasp of color and its role in personal style.


Good shopping refresher

My PCA was done several years ago so this was a good shopping refresher.


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Jorunn Hernes

Creator of the Nordic Simplicity courses

About the Author

Jorunn is an authorized Personal Colour Analyst, trained and certified by her teacher and mentor Christine Scaman (12 Blueprints) in Canada. 

Jorunn is also a qualified teacher (special education), and in addition to being a Personal Colour Analyst she is eager to teach you how to turn this knowledge into skills, so that you can use your season make your practical, daily life even better.

Jorunn feels that absolutely all human beings have an innate beauty and the possibility to contribute with her unique abilities. And she wants to teach you to dress with Nordic simplicity, even if you don't know how to pronounce "hygge"!


Everything you need to tailor your wardrobe 

to the life you're actually living 

Price USD 149

  • Step-by-step guide
  • You can start right away
  • Including the worksheets you need 
  •  Including follow-up emails

In addition to the course, you get to schedule 2

private calls with me during your course for personal guidance in your process

Price USD 289

  • The full Capsule Wardrobe course 
  • You can start right away
  • Including the worksheets you need
  • Including 2 one hour private sessions with me on Zoom
  • Including follow-up emails

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by the 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

I am convinced you will find the course useful.

However, if you're not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to know my season?

No. Although it's always useful to know your season and what colours make your skin look perfect and your eyes shine, this course is about finding your style, taking control of the closet and making a wardrobe plan, and you don't have to know your season to benefit from the course!

What if I have other questions?

You will always be able to send me an email and get answers to what you might be wondering about during the course. 

Can I get personal coaching?

The course is designed to help you through the process on your own and does not include individual coaching. It is possible to hire me for personal guidance. Contact me for details and prices.

Is the course only for women in small sizes?

The course is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. But since plus size women are frequently frustrated that so much content about wardrobe planning has images only of slender women and small size clothing, I have taken some examples from plus size clothes collections also, as variation.

Will the course content be outdated?

The content relating to wardrobe planning is evergreen and independent of fashion and trends. Any examples, collages and wardrobe examples will of course be taken from the items available in 2020, when the course was created.

How should I use the course?

You can go through the course from beginning to end, module for module. Or, you can use the course as your own personal Bright Winter encyclopedia, and access each topic when the need arises, whenever you want.

What do I do with all the clothes I have now?

In the course, I address what to do with the clothes that are not in the current capsule wardrobe! And a step by step approach to really knowing whether to keep an item or give it away.

P.S.: Don't wait. Enroll now, and get the tools and methods you need to learn how to nail your style, make capsule wardrobes and a personal wardrobe plan, with Nordic simplicity.

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