Wearing the colours that you are.

There is no better way to communicate your identity. And Personal Colour Analysis is the most efficient tool to find your season (or colour identity). 

Let's get something straight. A Personal Color Analyst doesn't give you a season. You are a season.
A color analysis session shows you the season that you are. But the real exciting stuff happens afterwards. When you start using that knowledge, and turn it into skills. My mission is to help you use your season to create the best possible version of yourself, to create am authentic and lasting first impression when you meet someone, before you have even opened your mouth, and to use color to communicate and express your truest self.

Discover Easy Style with Nordic Simplicity.

In Scandinavia, we believe in practical clothing and informal, effortless style. Nordic simplicity doesn't necessarily mean dressing like a fisherman. Nor does it mean wearing only home woven fabrics and birch bark shoes. it means embracing the sensible simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle. A lifestyle of hygge* and casual gatherings, friluftsliv** and fresh outdoor living, packed lunches and a walk in the woods. A style created for who we are, not pressing who we are into a certain style.

*Hygge means enjoying comfort and cozy living inside, with candles, fireplace, quietly enjoying good company and comfy clothing

** Friluftsliv means enjoying life outside, enjoying fresh air and dressing for whatever weather conditions there are, wearing warm practical clothing and shoes, and looking forward to some hygge when we return inside

Color and Style

Here is a collection of articles about Personal Colour Analysis, colour in general, content relating to the 12 seasons and also the easy way to dress in style, with Nordic Simplicity.

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Jorunn Hernes - personal colour analysis consultant

Colour is the most direct way of communicating.

You bypass words and make an authentic impression before you even open your mouth.

Colour is the language you can speak without having to say a single word. Wearing the colours that you are makes you look authentic, and makes people listen to when you have to say. Wearing the right colours makes people pay attention to you in the best way possible.

Artists use colours to express themselves. We should also use colour as a way of expressing ourselves.

We can use colours to enhance our own moods and increase our energy level. To convey professionalism. To give a calming, soothing presence.

Colour and style go hand in hand. You cannot build a convincing style without being conscious of the power colours have to underline and enhance personal style. 

The Sci/Art 12 tone personal colour analysis system builds on the Munsell colour theory, and the practice of doing colour analysis on people startet to become popular in the 80's, with the book Color Me Beautiful and the ensuing PCA system that was created.

Originally, there were four seasons, two warm and two cool seasons. Spring ans Autumn were the names of the two warm seasons, and Summer and Winter were the names of the two cool ones. Since then, the Sci/art system was born, from the need to differentiate the seasons further, taking into account that most people aren't purely warm or cool, but neutral.

Nordic Simplicity

I call my approach Colour and Style with Nordic Simplicity because being Norwegian, I want to share an understated, soft spoken, quiet and simple way of living.

And that includes the way you use colour, how you build your wardrobe and how you put together outfits.

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From Personal Colour Analyst and Wardrobe Enthusiast Jorunn Hernes.
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