Your Branding, Season And Tone of Voice

Lesson 1

A personal brand is exactly that. Personal. And what you stand for, your tone of voice and your colour tone are interconnected.

Your identity

What you bring to the table when you are your own brand is crucial. 

You might be a therapist, a coach, a personal trainer, a copy writer, or a yoga instructor. And you’re a solopreneur, a self-employed professional in your field.

Your financial survival depends on how you express your professional authority. You're so brave! You're so strong. You're so scared, but you're doing it anyway. I picked the image for this course for you. 

You are someone that people can trust with their vulnerability and someone capable of giving them tools to use to solve their problems.

How lucky you are that you have had a Personal Colour Analysis!

You know how to dress in colours that makes you appear fresh and rested, with clear eyes and visible face, wearing colours that supports your presence, not overpowering it or toning it down. The same goes for makeup and hair colour, you already know how to pick a professional-looking lipstick that plays on the same team as your eyes, not knocking them out of the league. And you know the importance of picking the right hair colour, one that's right for you and that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a wilted weasel. That’s an important first step right there!

But let’s look further. Let’s explore how you can use the magic of your Season to enhance your personal brand and make your professional image be just as authentic as your personal presence is.

Brand identity

You want to infuse your personality and colours into your branding. If you’re a lively True Spring, you might not announce your services as a solicitor or attorney in Comic Sans font with little unicorns dancing around it, but you may feel that the traditional Copperplate is a little boring. You can look for a more playful but still stringent font, or you can stick with Copperplate and do it in colours from your palette, suggesting Spring energy in a subtle manner.

The current trend is to us text as logo, picking an appropriate and likable font and just writing out your name or the name of your business and that’s your logo. I didn't make that up, I learned it from a tutorial in Thrive Themes. I’m all for this. If your just starting out this is the cheapest (free, actually) and starting out with that gives you more energy to focus on actually running your business. You can always get a company to design a logo for you at a later stage, if you like.

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