Your Brand Colours

Lesson 2

You’ll need three brand colours:

Your basic dark colour. Not black. I’m thinking of something other than black.

A medium or light colour.

An accent colour.

And you’ll find them in your Season’s colour fan.

The basic dark colour is useful for dark background for styled boxes, the light colour will draw attention to anything without taking over, and the accent colour is meant to take over and draw the eyes towards a certain feature, this is the perfect colour for text links and call-to-action buttons.

Here are some examples, using colours from one of the 12 Colour Tone palettes, Soft Autumn:

Soft Autumn deep aubergine
Soft Autumn green
Soft Autumn red

I picked from the Soft Autumn palette a deep aubergine for the dark, a muted olive for light, and a warm coral as the accent.

And you know that each Season's palette has 62 colours to choose from! I'm just going to use this as an example.

When you’ve spent some time with your own colour fan and a cup of coffee or sixteen, and have decided on your three colours, think about which one of these is your absolute favourite. This will be your signature colour. Not sure which one to pick? Put them aside. Sleep on it.  Or return to them after taking a walk. It will come to you. If you can’t decide, start over, with three new colours from your palette, see if you find your signature colour and two supporting colours. Your signature colour does not have to be the accent colour. It can be either of them. More coffee or tea may be needed.

Got them sorted? Good job.

Next you’ll need the closest hex code versions of these colours, for digital use. Don't worry, I'll tell you how to do this, step by step:

Go online and find a photo of your Season's Colour Tone poster. You can find such images E V E R Y W H E R E on the world wide web, try Pinterest for starters, or Google by typing your Season + poster or your Season + colour fan. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan your colour fan with the chosen strips out and save that image on your computer.

Once you have your image, go to this website: Image Color Picker and upload the image of your poster or fan. Then find the hex code for all three of your brand colours. This hex code will not be an exact representation of the colours as they appear in real life in your colour fan, but will be close enough for internet use.

Hex code from Image Color Picker

So, using the example Soft Autumn colours I found these hex codes:

dark aubergine #39414a
green #a4aa7b
red #e26d6f

If you feel that the hex codes given are not channeling the feel of your chosen beloveds?

Go to the website: Colorhexa and enter the hex code. You’ll be presented with tints and shades of this colour, maybe you’ll find a version that feels closer to the real colour.

If you paste in the hexcode of a colour, Colorhexa will also give you a suggestion for complimentary colour, an analogous colour combination, split complimentary colour and triadic colour combination. In addition to a tetradic variety, and monochromatic. So you might even find a combination that you like better than what you started out with:

Colorhexa colour combinations

Once you have three colours that you are happy with in digital version, take notes and keep these hex codes safe somewhere, because you’ll never remember them.

Trust me, when you go to a company that will make your website, you will have saved so much time (and money) when you’ve done this work beforehand.

And if you make your own website using Thrive Themes like I have done, you’ll be able to insert these hex codes into the theme yourself, and they will be there throughout the website, no more work needed, no need to change it on every new page, online course or blog post you create. And yes, I officially love Thrive so much I asked if I could please pretty please be an affiliate, so I do get a small commission when you sign up. Everything I've learned about creating an awesome website, I've learned from the detailed tutorials at Thrive.

So you now have your brand colours, chosen by you, from your Season’s palette. Beautiful. Let’s move on to how you can use these colours to make your whole brand personal and professional.

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