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Free Course

A quick and easy introduction to uniform dressing and capsule wardrobe dressing for men.

7 Lessons - None


This course is a comprehensive guide to using black, with tips, examples and alternatives for all 12 Seasons. Yes, I will show you a black that you can wear if it's in your palette. But more than that, after going through this course you will have discovered some other basic colours that are so riveting that you won't have that same longing for black anymore.

23 Lessons - None

Free Course

How to use your Colour Tone to plunge into your coolest brand identity! A free mini course shows you exactly how you create a brand identity that reflects the true nature of your business and who you are, and how to use your Colour Tone to achieve this.

5 Lessons - None


Neutrals and basic colours for the three Summer Seasons, explained with Nordic Simplicity, in a straight forward way with practical and simple tips for how to recognize your colours. This course is for you if you are one of the three Summer Seasons. This course is also for you if you think you are a Summer. Either way, you will find help here to make the most of the neutral and basic colours for the Summer Seasons! The seagull photo as Cover Image is by Alina Strong on Unsplash

11 Lessons - None

Basic Course

Step by step guide to creating capsule wardrobes for your style and lifestyle, with Nordic Simplicity. You don't have to know your Season or colour tone in order to benefit from this course.

24 Lessons - None


Just like having your own colour analyst available at all times. This master class teaches the essence of Bright Winter in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is a practical guide to life as a Bright Winter. You will be able to transform the knowledge into skills for your everyday life.

51 Lessons - None

Free Course

An in-depth guide to 12 tone personal colour analysis. The goal of this course is to give you a broad understanding of what PCA is, how it is conducted, and to help you decide if you should bother with it at all.

6 Lessons - None

Free Course

This quick guide is for you if are afraid of lipstick. Maybe you're just a little intimidated, or feel you need a little guidance. So, if you want to ease into using lipstick as part of your self-care routine, step into my office. I'll give you some baby steps to follow.

18 Lessons - None

Free Course

Are you making these mistakes when shopping with your colour fan? Learn how to avoid these mistakes and shop with confidence!

5 Lessons - None