How To Be A Winter

Bright Winter Course

4 Modules 18 Chapters 50 Lessons

About this course

Just like having your own colour analyst available at all times. This master class teaches the essence of Bright Winter in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is a practical guide to life as a Bright Winter. You will be able to transform the knowledge into skills for your everyday life.

Course Structure

5 Chapters

Module 1 The Basics

An introduction to Bright Winter. In this module we will cover the essence and properties of Bright Winter, the hues (meaning the colours), the value level (how light or dark a colour is, and contrast included), and chroma (how intense or pigmented a colour is).

Module 1 Introduction 1 Lesson

Module 1 The basics

Welcome to the Bright Winter course!

The essence of Bright Winter 1 Lesson

The brighter side of winter

Bright Winter is bright. But beyond that, there are several other fascinating properties of this vibrant colour tone.

In this lesson, we will cover some of the keywords that capture the essence of Bright Winter, to get an overview of the season before we delve into the details.

The Colours 6 Lessons


Red is an important colour in any woman's wardrobe. 

There is no other colour that can convey strength and energy the way red can, and finding your perfect shades of red is like discovering your secret superpower.


Blue is a colour that is universally liked. A vast majority of people report blue as their favourite colour.

Bright Winter has a wide variety of absolutely stunning blues in the palette.


Green, the colour of hope, growth and all things nature. Bright Winter has some exceptionally uplifting varieties of green in the palette.


Yellow is not universally loved like blue, but it's definitely possible to find a great version of it for Bright Winter. 

Recognising Bright Winter colours

A fool-proof method for recognising the Bright Winter colours in the wild.

Differentiating between icy and pastel colours

Light colours are challenging for Bright Winters, because wearing pastels make us look pasty and drained of colour. 

Value and contrast 2 Lessons

The overall value level of Bright Winter

Value is how light or dark a colour is, not how much it is worth. That being said, finding the correct value level of your season is worth a lot.

Optimal contrast level for Bright Winter

A short lesson on the contrast level of Bright Winter. Contrast can be achieved by value, or by hues across the colour wheel. 

Intensity 1 Lesson

How to determine intensity

Chroma is a fancy word for colour intensity or saturation. in this lesson we cover the optimal chroma for Bright Winter.

6 Chapters

Module 2 The Details

In this module we cover Bright Winter neutrals (including Bright Winter brown), how to recognise them and how to use them.  We cover pattern and scale, textures and accessories that compliment Bright Winter. There is also a chapter on putting it all together, creating Bright Winter outfits.

Module 2 Introduction 1 Lesson

Neutrals 6 Lessons

Bright Winter Neutrals

The neutrals play an important part in keeping an outfit refined without losing the Bright Winter energy.


Black can be very elegant, and also very boring. Bright Winter must learn to walk the line.


Grey is another staple in a Bright Winter's wardrobe. In this lesson we will focus on how to pick the right kind of grey.


White is a useful neutral for Bright Winter as a contrast for the darker neutrals. Also: have you thought about using white as your black?


Brown can be used as a neutral for Bright Winter, if you find the right kind of brown.


Navy or dark blue is an underrated neutral. It used to be the adult woman's staple neutral, but has been out of fashion for a while now, having been pushed to the sideline by black.

Pattern and scale 2 Lessons


Bright Winter is a crisp, sharp season with a little lightness. This should be reflected in the choice of pattern.


A short lesson on scale, scale in patterns and when putting together outfits.

Textiles and textures 1 Lesson

Bright Winter textures

You don't have to walk around like a human disco ball in order to convey Bright Winter essence, but it's important to pay attention to texture when choosing clothing and accessories.

Accessories 6 Lessons


Whether you have a closet full of high heeled pumps or prefer sneakers and sensible walking shoes, you can communicate your Bright Winter season by paying attention to a few essential details.


The handbag. The ultimately female accessory. You may have just one that goes with everything, or you may have several. It is a super way to express the essence of  Bright Winter.


The right kind of jewelry can be your most useful accessory as a bright Winter, especially if you are a reluctant Bright Winter who wants to express a more softspoken, subdued version of your season.


Eyeglasses are like your hair style and hair colour, always there, no matter what else you are wearing. So eyeglasses should be chosen just as carefully as hair colour.

Other accessories

Belts, scarves, watches etc.

Husbands. (just kidding)

Different ways to wear a scarf

In this short video lesson I'll show you some ways that I like to wear a scarf.

Putting together outfits 8 Lessons

Putting together outfits

This is where the fun begins. We are now going to take the principles covered in the previous lessons, and use them to make outfits!

Outfits using neutrals

A rather long video lesson where I show some ways that I put together outfits, using neutrals.

Outfits using colours

A short video lesson where I show a few ways that I put together outfits, using colours.

Black and white

Straight up black and white outfits - does that make you feel like you're dressed like a waiter?

Neutrals and colours

And now, for a look at examples of Bright Winter outfits we can assemble from the elements presented in the previous lessons.

Colours and colours

It is quite energising and uplifting to wear colours with colours. Feel free to skip this lesson if you are a truly reluctant Bright Winter, and come back to it at a later stage, when you're feeling a little more adventurous.

Bright Winter casual

How does Bright Winter do casual? With sensible shoes, good neutrals and a healthy dose of bright accessories.

The Nordic Simplicity Guide to dressing

A checklist for dressing with Nordic simplicity as a Bright Winter.

7 Chapters

Module 3 The Hard Stuff

The challenges that a Bright Winter faces as she is adapting her bright season to her everyday life. The reluctant Bright Winter will find some comfort and useful tips in this module. We will also cover Bright Winter summer clothing, how to be a Bright Winter that loves natural fibres, how to age gracefully as a Bright Winter. And last but not least, hair colour - whether you choose to go grey naturally or colour your hair.

Module 3 Introduction 1 Lesson

Module 3 The Hard Stuff

In Module 3 we will tackle a few of the issues that you may or may not find challenging.

The Problem with the Fashion Industry 1 Lesson

Bright Winter in summer (or fall)

What to do when the shops have summer collections consisting of only busy florals and dusty muted pastels, or there is nothing but olive and mustard to choose from in autumn?

Makeup 3 Lessons

The Skin First approach

We tend to think of makeup as mascara, eyeshadow and such. But we'll start with the most important aspect of makeup: Radiant, healthy looking skin.

Moodup – not makeup

A short video lesson for people who don't like makeup but want to dip their toes (or nose) in it. Warning: I'm not a makeup artist. This is just a video of a regular woman applying a very minimal makeup. 

Bright Winter Makeup with Nordic Simplicity

In this lesson I'll give you my best tips for Bright Winter makeup, with emphasis on Nordic Simplicity. I'll also show you the Bright Winter version of a nude lip.

Bright Winter Hair 1 Lesson

Bright Winter hair colour

Hair colour is fun, and this lesson gives some pointers that you can keep in mind when you communicate with your hairdresser.

And if you choose to go grey and be a silver fox, here is a short collection of supporting arguments.

Lifelong Bright Winter 1 Lesson

Adapting your season as you grow older

Does Bright Winter grow less bright with age?

The Low Contrast or Silver Haired Bright Winter 5 Lessons

Not Snow White?

So you're not the dark-haired, intensely dark-eyed with porcelain skin high contrast Bright Winter. You know that what brings your skin to life is Bright Winter colours, but you're a low contrast Bright Winter with grey, blue or green eyes, and your hair is sandy blond or has turned silver. This chapter is for you.

What does a low contrast Bright Winter look like anyways?

So you don't look like Snow White. Relax. You're still a Bright Winter.

Adapting your colour palette

Some practical tips with a few examples.

The winter that can look like Summer

They say you look like a Summer? Beat them at their own game.

Makeup tips for low contrast BW

Makeup recommendations especially for silver haired and low contrast Bright Winters.

Bright Winter Brilliance 1 Lesson

Now it’s your turn

Time to turn knowledge into skills.

2 Lessons

Module 4 Bonus Content

Some bonus content for you with useful links, reading tips and wardrobe planning.

Useful Links and Reading Recommendations

Some books and resources that you might find helpful

Natural fibres for Bright Winter

How do you unite your love of natural fibres with your Bright Winter Season? The Bright Winter palette has colours with clarity and high chroma. But you hate wearing acrylic and polyester that crackle with static electricity when you run our hand over the fabric, and clings to your body like a creepy stalker. This bonus lesson is about how to solve this and help you express your Bright Winter essence in lovely natural fibres.

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