How To Dress Smart

Capsule Wardrobes With Nordic Simplicity

7 Chapters 24 Lessons

About this course

Step by step guide to creating all kinds of personal capsule wardrobes for your style and lifestyle, with Nordic Simplicity. You don’t have to know your Season or colour tone in order to benefit from this course.

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Course Structure

Basic Course

Chapter 1 - Introduction 2 Lessons


This course is for womeen who want to live in their clothes, not consume them.


Important information about the companion worksheeets.

Basic Course

Chapter 2 - Your Style 5 Lessons

Your style

Find your dream style.


Find your Nordic style type

Nordic Style Types

Did you take the quiz yet? Read about the different style types in this lesson.


A simple way to find your silhouette

Style Meets Lifestyle

This is about to get very personal and interesting

Basic Course

Chapter 3 - Analyzing 3 Lessons

Reality Check

We start by getting an overview of which activities that fill your time. This will be an important foundation for a sensible selection of outfits, not just a closetful of clothes.

What’s Your Uniform?

We all have a uniform. What's yours? Have you got several?

Colour Palette

Help to choose a limited colour palette for your wardrobe.

Basic Course

Chapter 4 - Capsule Wardrobes 8 Lessons

What Is An Outfit? And a capsule wardrobe?

How to transform a bunch of clothes into an outfit?

The Nordic Simplicity formula

My own formula for creating capsule wardrobes. It's so simple, and very usable for everyday life.

The 4×4 System

A tried and true method of composing outfits

Putting Together a 4x4 Capsule Wardrobe

This is where you'll need the worksheet called Capsule Wardrobes.

Examples of capsule wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes for four different Nordic style types


A small, but important part of outfits

The 10 item wardrobe – For the hard core minimalist

It might be that you've lived so long with capsule wardrobes that you have discovered how liberating it is to have less items to choose from. Here's a nice way to pare down your wardrobe essentials to the 10 most loved items. Or, you can use these 10 items as a central sceleton on which to build a solid body of a workable wardrobe.
Basic Course

Chapter 5 - Taking Stock 1 Lesson

Taking Stock of Your Wardrobe

Finally, time to dive into the closet and drawers.

Basic Course

Chapter 6 - Onwards 2 Lessons

Course of Action

Did you discover a few holes in your selection of clothes? Do you lack one or two essential items? Here is an action plan for how to proceed.

More Capsule Wardrobes?

What about those events that don't occur very often, but that need appropriate outfits?

Basic Course

Chapter 7 - Bonus Material 3 Lessons

Bonus Material – Shop Stop

Are you inspired to take a break from shopping? Here is a bonus lesson about that.

Mandatory capsule wardrobe

What to do when your employer gives you your work wardrobe but there's an opportunity to use your own accessories?

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