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About this course

PCA is independent of fashion. It’s not about analysing trend colours.

Personal colour analysis (often shortened to PCA) is the process of analysing your skin to determine what kind of colours you should wear to look fresh, healthy and present. And just as important: What versions of colours you should avoid because they make you look dull, drab or tired.

Why bother? 

I can just pick whatever clothes are available in clothing stores and presented in fashion magazines, and look fabulous, right?

Of course you can. You will look trendy and fashionable, but you might miss out on the opportunity to look radiantly beautiful, with a minimum of fuss and makeup.


On to the lessons!

Course Structure

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Everything you wanted to know about Personal Colour Analysis, but didn't know how to ask.

This course gives an overview of what Personal Colour Analysis is, and how we go about it.

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What is colour analysis?

Colour analysis is actually not analysing the colours themselves, but what the colours do for your appearance.

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A glossary of colour analysis terms

Colour tone, season, hue, value, chroma, contrast. And what on earth is a draping? Hint: it has nothing to do with curtains.

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How we do it

What exactly happens during a personal colour analysis session?

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Why we do it

So you know your season. How do you turn the knowledge into a skill?

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