How to be a Summer

Light Summer

4 Modules 17 Chapters 40 Lessons

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This course is not yet for sale. Click here to join the waiting list. This Masterclass teaches the delightful essence of Light Summer in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is a practical guide to life as Light Summer. You will be able to transform the knowledge into skills for your everyday life.

Cover Photo by Yustinus Subiakto on Unsplash

Course Structure


Module 1 introduction 1 Lesson

The essence of Light Summer 1 Lesson

The sunny side of summer

Light Summer' defining feature is light. But beyond that, there is so much more to this subtle, but delightful colour tone.

In this lesson, we will cover some of the keywords that capture the essence of Light Summer, to get an overview of the season before we delve into the details.

The Colours 5 Lessons


Red is an important colour in any woman's wardrobe. And every season has a variety of reds in the palette.

There is no other colour that can convey strength and energy the way red can, and finding your season's perfect shades of red is like discovering your secret superpower.


Blue is a colour that is universally liked. A vast majority of people report blue as their favourite colour.

Blue is a colour that all three summers embraced with ease, and Light Summer is no exeption.


Green, the colour of hope, growth and all things nature. Light Summer has several enticing varieties of green in the palette.


Yellow is not universally loved like blue and it's seldom thee favourite colour of summers that I have met, but it's definitely possible to find lovely versions of it in the Light Summer palette. 

Recognising Light Summer colours

A lesson about recognising the Light Summer colours in the wild.

Value and Contrast 2 Lessons

The overall value level of Light Summer

Value is how light or dark a colour is, not how much it is worth. That being said, finding the correct value level of your season is worth a lot.

Optimal contrast level for Light Summer

A short lesson on finding the right contrast level of Light Summer. 

Intensity 1 Lesson

How to determine intensity

Chroma is a fancy word for colour intensity or saturation. in this lesson we cover the optimal chroma for Light Summer.


Module 3 Introduction 1 Lesson

The problem with the fashion industry 1 Lesson

Lifelong Light Summer 1 Lesson

Delightful Light Summer 1 Lesson

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