How to be a Summer

Neutrals for Summer Seasons

4 Chapters 11 Lessons

About this course

Neutrals and basic colours for the three Summer Seasons, explained with Nordic Simplicity, in a straight forward way with practical and simple tips for how to recognize your colours. This course is for you if you are one of the three Summer Seasons. This course is also for you if you think you are a Summer. Either way, you will find help here to make the most of the neutral and basic colours for the Summer Seasons!

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Course Structure


Introduction 1 Lesson

What are neutral and basic colours?

Fun facts and common pitfalls


Summer Neutrals 4 Lessons


How not to wear black


White is a simply lovely neutral, if you pick the correct kind of white.


Which shades of grey can be used by the Summer Seasons?


So many lovely browns for the Summer Seasons. This lesson will help you pick the right kinds of browns


Basic colours 4 Lessons

The "other" neutrals

Basic colours and how to use them


Including navy


Red as a basic colour? Come with me up the winding path of Nordic Simplicity and I'll show you lovely reds to use as basic colours for Summers


Such an underrated colour. Here's how to pick the perfect green as a basic colour for Summers


Putting together outfits and capsule wardrobes 2 Lessons

Summer neutrals in the wild

Now that you've got a grip on neutrals for the Summer Seasons, let's have a look at how to use them when putting together outfits.


What happens next?

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