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Is it easy for you to do, to keep only the clothes that actually fit you right now?

For many, it is a relief to not have to toss or give away clothes that don't fit. And i really mean it when I say don't get rid of them. At least, not right away. It's much easier to see the items go to the local thrift store or to The Salvation Army after they have been packed away for some time.

And it does feel so much better to open your closet and drawers and only see clothes that actually fit. You really do deserve to have great clothes that fit you just they way you are right now.

If you find that you need a new pair of trousers that fit just right, go and buy them. And sometimes it's worth considering the true cost of a garment. I wrote an article about that, you can read it HERE

And in lesson 2, you'll get the next challenge. You can go on to view it right away, or you can save it for next week, that's up to you.

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