Dark Winter Inspiration

Dark Winter Inspiration

Some outfits and suggestions as inspiration for Dark Winter

Dark Winter in winter

Winter coat for Dark Winter

A winter coat in a neutral colour is a good investment.

This dark slate grey colour is a great neutral for Dark Winter, and a fabulous wardrobe investment.

Then you can brighten it with all kinds of different hats and gloves in your lovely colours, for variation.

Two ways of styling one dress

It's a fun challenge to change the look with the help of accessories! And when you wear the colours that you are, they remember YOU, not what dress you wore!

A simple dress in a neutral colour is a good investment for a sustainable wardrobe, (and bonus points for not choosing black, the sheath dress I show here is a dark navy).

Dark Winter in summer

Accessories for warm summer days

Adding some sophistication to an outfit is essential. 
I have one word for you. And that's two words: Always accessorise. 
Nordic Simplicity is simple. But not boring. 

And since outfits for warm summer days tend to be quite minimal, choosing a few essential accessories (and actually remembering to use them) is key.

The jumpsuit is lovely, but on its own it lacks a certain something.

Let's try adding a couple of accessories.

By adding interesting accessories we elevate simplicity into sophistication.

A couple of bangles in silver, black and burgundy and a necklace that repeats the burgundy but isn't matchy-matchy are great Dark Winter accessories.

Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a certified personal colour analyst, based in Norway. She believes that your wardrobe shouldn't fit the latest trend, it should fit you, your colours and your lifestyle. She is passionate about spreading Nordic simplicity to women all over the world.