Are you planning to divorce black, but can't find a good lawyer?

You know this is an abusive relationship but the fashion industry is trying to convince you to stay and make it work. 

"Black is sexy", they say. "Black will make you look cool and professional", they say. "There's no way that you'll find something better", they say. 

They tell you to ignore the shadows around your mouth and the haunted look in your eyes. They recommend buying a foundation and lots of other makeup to hide the wispy fingers of dark sallowness creeping up along your face when you wear black.

The telltale signs of a bad relationship are there, but how can you get out of it?

Get the ultimate guide that will turn your relationship with black around and take your outfits from boring to "Yes! I'll hire you!" riveting. And yes: you can do this even if you haven't had a Personal Colour Analysis.

The How (Not) To Wear Black course
will be open for enrollment soon