Free Guide to sciART 12 tone
Colour Analysis

All about what a sciART 12 tone colour analysis is, and how we do it!

Understand colour analysis with this easy to follow free course.

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What others say:

Enjoyed your writing style


I enjoyed the course very much, and also enjoyed your writing style so much. It would be terrific to have a PCA done as I have never had one done. At 66 it’s probably time.

I LOVED your course!


Hi Jorunn- I LOVED your course!
It all made so much sense to me. I recently had someone analyze my color through a photo and I did not feel confident that color could be accurately analyzed this way.
I so wish I lived in Norway (or that you lived on Cape Cod). It would be nice to meet you over a cup of tea but not cod liver oil ?

Clearing up the "Mumbo-Jumbo"


I loved your course. It made what can often sound like what I call "mumbo-jumbo" very clear and precise. Thank-you

clear, consise and cover all the basics


I think your course is an excellent introduction to color analysis. You’re clear, consise and cover all the basics of PCA.

Excelent introduction


Excellent introduction course to personal colour analysis. I can feel your passion and thank you for sharing.
Regards, Charlotte.

Best description I've read


Very concise description of PCA. Best description of the draping process I've read. Thank you

What you can expect from your PCA


Very helpful course! Jorunn explains in explicit detail what you can expect from your PCA. Can't wait to get started on my PCA journey.

I really enjoyed this!


I really enjoyed this! I've been watching Christine's videos and this method of colour analysis is great. Now that I don't colour my hair anymore my soft summer clothes that I have always been drawn to look great and I don't look washed out. You have a great personality and sense of humour, which is essential when you live in a cold climate (like Canada where I am).

Wets my appetite


Interesting introduction to colour analysis. Wets my appetite for pursuing colour analysis further.

Great way to prepare for a PCA


I’ve booked a PCA and this is a great course to help me prepare! The material was well presented and easy to read. Thank you!

Easy to understand


This course was easy to understand. I didn't get lost among the terms as I often do in reading about color analysis. Wish I lived near Norway to visit you for a personal consultation.

Quick overview


It was understandable. A quick overview of PCA.


Excellent presentation.

Nice simple explanation


Nice simple explanation of color analysis for someone that has no idea of what it is. Nice job.