The 3 most common mistakes when using the colour fan

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What others say:

Gode råd


Takk for gode råd.

Very useful


I find your advice in lesson 2 very helpful. thank you so much.

Love these little classes


I love these little classes! They give you one thing to focus on. It isn’t overwhelming .

Eager to apply this advice


I'll be very eager to apply this advice when I go shopping soon. I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to match exact shades on my palette but this course helps to look at the big picture. Thanks for your tips!

Easy to follow


Simple, easy, practical steps. Thank you, Jorunn!

A great collection of tips!


A great collection of tips! I already practise the last one (using my True Colour International Bright Winter fan) However, the comparison trick is just brilliant - and the lipstick colours! I went straight to my closet to test it on a few colours. Fortunately they all looked amazing with the reds!!! Finally, I think you deliver the information in such an easy to understand manner, and broken up into very digestable pieces, it has to be a success every time!

Useful and practical


Very useful and practical, learned using the whole fan instead of one specific colour.

I think this was very informative.

A good reminder

Deb Ross

This is a good reminder of what I was told many years back when I had the color analysis done. And I still await the soft summer course.

This will certainly help me

Judy Kanizay

Very helpful Jorunn. I have all the spring and soft autumn colour swatches. I'm not quite sure which season I am but this will certainly help me use the swatches more successfully as I am definitely that person who tries to match the colour.

Helpful as I am currently going through my closet


Loved it!! Found it very helpful as I am currently going through my closet deciding which colours work. I was stuck, then found this course, and will now use the lipstick trick and also cover the shade of the garment in the fan to see it it blends. Thanks.


You know, as much as I’ve read about color analysis over the last 7-8 years, I can honestly say I learned useful tips that I didn’t already know. Thank you!

Good for newbies!


Very helpful for newbies (like me)! The lipstick strategy is brilliant. Can't wait to try it.

Short and sweet tips and tricks


Such practical down to earth tips to make shopping enjoyable. Short and sweet tips and tricks. Thank you.

Direct and to the point


I found it wonderful - Direct and to the point - Extremely helpful!

Spot on.


Hi Jorunn, thank you for pointing me to this course. It's not new territory to me, but I am very interested in reading round the subject and though these there three points were spot on. Very helpful. Thank you very much.

Has been very helpful


This course combined with the podcast you recorded have been very helpful in training me to use my fan better. I especially like the suggestions to compare the garment to the lipstick colors and to hide the close colors on the fan.

Good shopping refresher


My PCA was done several years ago so this was a good shopping refresher.

Short, sweet, easy


Excellent course! Short, sweet, easy to understand with practical tips. I will keep sending my clients your way (I’m also a 12 Blueprints color analyst).

The lipstick trick


Wonderful, now it's practice. I hadn't thought of the lipstick trick

This has given me something to try when I'm out shopping


As someone who gets paralyzed looking for the color that "matches" the fan, this has given me something to try when I'm out shopping again. Thanks!

The most helpful information


This was the most helpful information I have reached yet on the use of color fans.

Great ideas


Very interesting with great ideas on how to choose the better color while shopping.