Lipstick 101

How you wear it if you're afraid of lipstick. How many lipsticks you need. Which brand to check out if you have gluten allergy and you break out into hives just talking about lipstick.

And super important: The little known stages of your relationship with a lipstick.

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I love your style of communication


Hej Jorunn
I’ll write in English. I’m danish. TAK! I’m 57 and just now found out, that I’m bright winter. Your lipstick course is very useful! I’ve never worn lipstick earlier in my life, but have just in the last couple of years found out it is very important. Lisa Eldridge Rose Official is my daily neutral, but Carnival and New Wave dapped lightly is to my big surprise very natural and lights up. I’ve always worn black and grey, but lately found the bright cool colors. I love your style of communication. Good work. All the best from Denmark. Majbrit



Loved it

The content is very helpful


I like how you organized the course, and the content is very helpful. I found myself wondering if I could be both a bright winter and a bright spring!

Useful lessons


Thank you Jorunn, I found these lessons very useful. As an ageing and rather reluctant Bright Winter who finds lipstick scary your tips are much appreciated.

Recommendations for every season! Wow!

Fiona Dehghani

I liked that it was short and to the point, and you went to so much effort to find recommendations for every season! Wow! I would have liked a few more descriptions of what to look for - "looks grey in the bottle" was a Eureka moment for me in foundation-choosing, for example. But different things help different people. I'll only buy what is stocked by Boots or Tesco, so recommendations rarely help (lol). The stages of lipstick love and signs you've founda match were the best bits that I'll take away from the course.

Lots of fun!

Liz chesbro

Lots of fun, off to check out the Chanel picks!

Lots of good ideas


excellent course with lots of good ideas about making a lip color look more casual and natural while still keeping true to the my case bright winter.

Gives me courage


Good explanation of the colors. Gives me courage to try something bright!

Great suggestions


The recommendations and the suggestions about application were great

You've encouraged me


Thank you for this course on lipstick. I've recently been draped in the SCi-ART method as a dark winter which is a big change for me because I was draped 20+ years ago as a true winter. I'm missing my old True Winter lipsticks!

You've encouraged me to give the darker berry colors another try. I've ordered one from 12 Blueprints that I've just tried on this morning and I think I'm going to like it. It has a little brightness, which makes me happy. Please continue to provide more content to help women like me!!

Thank you for this quick course

Karen Rupp

Hi Jorunn! Thank you for this quick course. I am a reluctant Bright Spring! It is hard to find the Bright Spring colors in clothing and to stand out like a beacon among all the neutral and black in New York. I do get compliments when I wear the two tops I have in Bright Spring hues, so I am encouraged. I just wish it was easier. I have done fabric dying before and I know intense tones are hard to achieve. My analyst says it is time for me to shine and stop hiding. Anyways.... I always enjoy your cute, fun, informative emails. Thank you so much! Karen

It has given me inspiration

Ailsa Joyce Gray

I have really enjoyed the lipstick course, and it has given me inspiration to try some shades I might not have expected to like. More please! Ailsa

Fun, easy, and the visuals were great


This course was fun, easy, and the visuals were great. I liked that it was broken down by seasons, and that details were given for each lipstick/gloss example. I would enjoy a course on eyeshadow.

Thank you for the course


Thank you for the course, it was a very needed reminder. Looking forward to your next course and blog post.



I love it!

Will try recommendations!

Deb Ross

I enjoyed it and will try some of tour SS recommendations

A short and sweet thumbs up

Hilda Chiasson


Thanks for the courses

Elizabeth Yan

Dear Jorunn, Thanks for the courses. Have you considered refining the individual season sections into specific lipstick wardrobe categories? eg. “natural/“MLBB; daytime/office appropriate; classic; goto/never fail; and vamp/evening. Alternatively, by color group, for example, I think most true winters can have all situations covered with a classic red, a pure purple & an icy violet or pink. Thanks again, I look forward to your thoughts.

Gave me my morning giggle!

Sandi Skalicky Mcdougall

You gave me my morning giggle with the dating scenario. Thank you & suggestions about white paper is my project today with the lipsticks I own,

Very helpful

Nicola bright

Yes I found the course very helpful. When I had my colour analysis I wasn't sure if just one shade of red was best but this made me realise as long as the colour is bright then there are more options. Thanks very much.

Helpful for Lipstick Beginners

Christina Frank

Thank you for the course, I think it is really helpful for Lipstick Beginners