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7 lessons to turn around your relationship with your wardrobe. Grab a cup of coffee (or a thermos, why not?). Get Nordic, get practical and get sorted with this easy to follow free course.

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I'm beginning to see that the biggest reason I have such a hard time downsizing my wardrobe is because I'm not completely honest about my lifestyle. I always end up with WAY TOO MANY clothes for dressier occasions. I think I really only need a dress or two and a couple of skirts for wearing to church or meeting a friend. Now, I'm writing down what I wear each day for a week so I can see what I actually wear. Enjoyed this course! 


I really do enjoy your angle on all this stuff, yours is the only colour/style-related mailing list I have stayed subscribed to...of course when I first got interested in this subject I was subscribed to several...but yours is the only one that stuck ;)


Simple, easy, practical steps. Thank you, Jorunn!