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I really do enjoy your angle on all this stuff, yours is the only colour/style-related mailing list I have stayed subscribed to...of course when I first got interested in this subject I was subscribed to several...but yours is the only one that stuck ;)



Style and colour with attitude

My take on style is based in my Scandinavian focus on practicality and simple living.

  • Short and sweet style tips
  • How to use colours to brighten your outfits and lift your heart

" I enjoy your blog posts so much!  I even read them out loud to my husband — we both love your writing style. "


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Love the tips


I love your tips on color and style.

Tips & tricks


Thank you for your email.

What fun to receive tips& tricks for my Season

Excellent content


Hi Jorunn!

Excellent content you've been putting out lately.

Positive, friendly voice


I have been subscribing to your blog ever since your feature on the 12 Blueprints website. You were away for a while, and I was so happy to see a new article from you pop up in my bloglist when you returned. You have such a positive, friendly voice, and your writing is informative and helpful. Your clients are very lucky to have you - maybe someday I will make it to beautiful Norway for a consultation with you.

I love clothes, makeup, all of that, but the current aesthetic in fashion magazines, runways, and celebrity culture is mostly not for me. So I look elsewhere, including your lovely blog.

Lovely emails - you've nailed Nordic simplicity


Thank you so much for your lovely email and - with true Nordic simplicity- I think you have nailed it.

I think we all like to feel we “belong” and I’ve been looking for my tribe

I am taking a step back and will enjoy your blog. I already like your humour.

I need all the help I can get!


I was draped True Spring some years ago. Before that I thought I was some kind of Summer. I’m still adjusting to the palette, and need all the help I can get.