April 20

How to apply lipstick


A short video about how to apply lipstick.

Are you shying away from using the more highly pigmented lipsticks for your Season because you're afraid that your face will be like "all lipstick?

For instance, if you're a Dark Autumn and you are wanting to try the fabulous 12 BLUEPRINTS Red Hollyhock lipstick, but you think it might be a little too intense? Or being a True Spring, hesitating to try one of the more intense True Spring lipsticks like Hawaiian Red... Far too many people shy away from wearing their best lipsticks, just because they haven't learned the trick of wearing it at half intensity.

In the video I'm using the 12 BLUEPRINTS Red Amaryllis lipstick, which is one of the lipsticks recommended for Bright Winter.

Really bad idea:

I'm all for wearing lipstick, but it is really not a good idea to use a duller colour lipstick just because you're afraid of it being too much.

Really good idea:

In my experience, it is usually not the lipstick that is "too much", but the application. 

In the video, I'm showing you a couple of alternative ways of applying lipstick. These tricks magically helps any intense lipstick feel less conspicuous, I hope you'll find it useful!

I'm not a makeup artist, and any advice given by me is purely based on my own everyday kind of makeup experience, and as such, delivered with Nordic Simplicity. 

If you want professional advice on how to put on lipstick, try Lisa Eldridge, Wayne Goss or Kerry-Lou



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