How to age gracefully without losing sight of how striking you can still be, using the secrets of your Season. 

How to use your colours when your hair goes grey and how to unlock the secret of how your Season's colours can help you when you're feeling bland and dull.

Special sections on your neutrals and how to use them effectively.

These Masterclasses help you use your Season to feel wickedly capable and vibrantly powerful, with practical help and lots of examples and collages.

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It has given me inspiration

I have really enjoyed the lipstick course, and it has given me inspiration to try some shades I might not have expected to like. More please! Ailsa

Ailsa Joyce Gray

Quick overview

It was understandable. A quick overview of PCA.


Gives me courage

Good explanation of the colors. Gives me courage to try something bright!


It is a real gem. I continue to consult with it regularly.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is a real gem. I continue to consult with it regularly, going deeper each time, reworking and/or polishing some of the gold nuggets I've unhearthed. It puts me at peace in a world overstimulated with information resources. I love how this course is set up and how it's led me to greater clarity step by step, asking me to go deeper each time, in a very practical way but with poise, finesse and great attention to details. Watching and/or listening to Jorunn's voice is always a treat. Her trustworthy, refined and calming, yet joyful, presence is very palpable throughout the course. Perhaps some videos/chats could be added to some of the chapters in the future? Perfect!


Deepened my sense of being a summer person

I settled in with a mug of tea and my knitting to deepen my sense of being a summer person while enjoying Jorunn’s company. This mini course provides excellent visual examples as well as clear descriptions that distinguish summer neutrals from those of other seasons. I found the section on gray particularly helpful to be able to recognize how colors mix into gray to create unique summer grays. Unfortunately, my attention was so focused on the beautiful images and soothing tone of Jorunn’s voice that I messed up the shaping of my knitting project and had to rip it back to fix it. I am looking forward to going through the course again, sans knitting, and am eager to apply my new knowledge.


I wish I had taken it when I was first draped as a bright winter

I am so thankful for the thought and creativity that Jorunn has put into this class. I only wish I had taken it 6 years ago when I was first draped as a bright winter. I’d have saved a lot of time and money. Even then knowing my colors I made some expensive mistakes. I now have a much clearer vision of how to do this and look forward to choosing well in the future. Thank you Jorunn for your fun and practical way of presenting the information.

Kary L Piper

Very helpful

Yes I found the course very helpful. When I had my colour analysis I wasn't sure if just one shade of red was best but this made me realise as long as the colour is bright then there are more options. Thanks very much.

Nicola bright

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