How to age gracefully without losing sight of how striking you can still be, using the secrets of your Season. 

How to use your colours when your hair goes grey and how to unlock the secret of how your Season's colours can help you when you're feeling bland and dull.

Special sections on your neutrals and how to use them effectively.

These Masterclasses help you use your Season to feel wickedly capable and vibrantly powerful, with practical help and lots of examples and collages.

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This has given me something to try when I'm out shopping

As someone who gets paralyzed looking for the color that "matches" the fan, this has given me something to try when I'm out shopping again. Thanks!


Thank you for this quick course

Hi Jorunn! Thank you for this quick course. I am a reluctant Bright Spring! It is hard to find the Bright Spring colors in clothing and to stand out like a beacon among all the neutral and black in New York. I do get compliments when I wear the two tops I have in Bright Spring hues, so I am encouraged. I just wish it was easier. I have done fabric dying before and I know intense tones are hard to achieve. My analyst says it is time for me to shine and stop hiding. Anyways.... I always enjoy your cute, fun, informative emails. Thank you so much! Karen

Karen Rupp

Short and sweet tips and tricks

Such practical down to earth tips to make shopping enjoyable. Short and sweet tips and tricks. Thank you.


Enjoyed this course!

I'm beginning to see that the biggest reason I have such a hard time downsizing my wardrobe is because I'm not completely honest about my lifestyle. I always end up with WAY TOO MANY clothes for dressier occasions. I think I really only need a dress or two and a couple of skirts for wearing to church or meeting a friend. Now, I'm writing down what I wear each day for a week so I can see what I actually wear. Enjoyed this course!


Much like a glass of good wine or chocolate, it is best consumed slowly and with relish.

Hello Jorunn. I have been enjoying your masterclass for Bright Winters. Much like a glass of good wine or chocolate, it is best consumed slowly and with relish. There is so much good and helpful information here that I can see myself returning to this content frequently. Thank you for your efforts to make us Bright Winters as informed, comfortable and successful with our season as possible.

Right now I find myself especially grateful for your lessons on chroma and pattern. I have read other descriptions about chroma and pattern. I never really grasped the concept of chroma before your lesson. Your language and your comparative photos really bring it to life. You describe Bright Winter’s best prints with such descriptive language, again supported by really excellent photos. Your words — clear borders, sharp edges — are so well chosen and, again, bring concepts to life.

I know I have more to learn and will enjoy every minute of the process. Thanks again for creating such a cohesive and accessible class.


Nice simple explanation

Nice simple explanation of color analysis for someone that has no idea of what it is. Nice job.


Love these little classes

I love these little classes! They give you one thing to focus on. It isn’t overwhelming .


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