How to age gracefully without losing sight of how striking you can still be, using the secrets of your Season. 

How to use your colours when your hair goes grey and how to unlock the secret of how your Season's colours can help you when you're feeling bland and dull.

Special sections on your neutrals and how to use them effectively.

These Masterclasses help you use your Season to feel wickedly capable and vibrantly powerful, with practical help and lots of examples and collages.

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The content is very helpful


I like how you organized the course, and the content is very helpful. I found myself wondering if I could be both a bright winter and a bright spring!

Easy to understand


This course was easy to understand. I didn't get lost among the terms as I often do in reading about color analysis. Wish I lived near Norway to visit you for a personal consultation.

Practical and useful


I do like the course and find it useful because it is so practical.

Enjoyed your writing style


I enjoyed the course very much, and also enjoyed your writing style so much. It would be terrific to have a PCA done as I have never had one done. At 66 it’s probably time.

This course filled in SO many gaps


I REALLY enjoyed your Bright Winter course. I found your softer spoken video presence made me feel extremely welcome. This course filled in SO many gaps and gave me many, many "aha!" moments. Your makeup suggestions were a HUGE help!

Helpful for Lipstick Beginners

Christina Frank

Thank you for the course, I think it is really helpful for Lipstick Beginners

Quick overview


It was understandable. A quick overview of PCA.


Excellent presentation.

Excellent and worth every penny


I am loving the Bright Winter course so much. It's so excellent and worth every penny. I'm very in love with the course you created. I'll refer to it over and over again!

I wish I had taken it when I was first draped as a bright winter

Kary L Piper

I am so thankful for the thought and creativity that Jorunn has put into this class. I only wish I had taken it 6 years ago when I was first draped as a bright winter. I’d have saved a lot of time and money. Even then knowing my colors I made some expensive mistakes. I now have a much clearer vision of how to do this and look forward to choosing well in the future. Thank you Jorunn for your fun and practical way of presenting the information.

I love the pictures!!


I love the pictures!! I am married to a Bright Winter man, who is now retired and his wardrobe is jeans and flannel shirts. I've learned to look for those flannels that have white (he has a full head of white hair) or a light bright combined with a dark neutral and a palette color - white/black/red or blue, navy and two lighter blue-greens, etc. I hate bias pockets and pocket flaps, so I find about one a year. Long sleeved t-shirts in the dark neutral or palette color, and he is set for the winter! I do think that you should show those swatch samples with the outfits for a winter and a spring group as well.

Spot on.


Hi Jorunn, thank you for pointing me to this course. It's not new territory to me, but I am very interested in reading round the subject and though these there three points were spot on. Very helpful. Thank you very much.

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