How to age gracefully without losing sight of how striking you can still be, using the secrets of your Season. 

How to use your colours when your hair goes grey and how to unlock the secret of how your Season's colours can help you when you're feeling bland and dull.

Special sections on your neutrals and how to use them effectively.

These Masterclasses help you use your Season to feel wickedly capable and vibrantly powerful, with practical help and lots of examples and collages.

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Many practical examples and lovely videos


This course was very useful with many practical examples and lovely videos. So much information; I am reading all it over and over again. Now it is easier for me to understand bright winter essence in real life with many new ideas. Thank you !

Will try recommendations!

Deb Ross

I enjoyed it and will try some of tour SS recommendations

Eager to apply this advice


I'll be very eager to apply this advice when I go shopping soon. I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to match exact shades on my palette but this course helps to look at the big picture. Thanks for your tips!

Nice simple explanation


Nice simple explanation of color analysis for someone that has no idea of what it is. Nice job.

Very easy to follow and very inspirational


Wonderful course. It was very easy to follow and very inspirational in it's color suggestions. Thank-you!

Enjoyed this course!


I'm beginning to see that the biggest reason I have such a hard time downsizing my wardrobe is because I'm not completely honest about my lifestyle. I always end up with WAY TOO MANY clothes for dressier occasions. I think I really only need a dress or two and a couple of skirts for wearing to church or meeting a friend. Now, I'm writing down what I wear each day for a week so I can see what I actually wear. Enjoyed this course!

Love these little classes


I love these little classes! They give you one thing to focus on. It isn’t overwhelming .

I really enjoyed this!


I really enjoyed this! I've been watching Christine's videos and this method of colour analysis is great. Now that I don't colour my hair anymore my soft summer clothes that I have always been drawn to look great and I don't look washed out. You have a great personality and sense of humour, which is essential when you live in a cold climate (like Canada where I am).

Helpful for Lipstick Beginners

Christina Frank

Thank you for the course, I think it is really helpful for Lipstick Beginners

Gave me my morning giggle!

Sandi Skalicky Mcdougall

You gave me my morning giggle with the dating scenario. Thank you & suggestions about white paper is my project today with the lipsticks I own,

I feel much more confident


I am finding the course very helpful. I have gone through it twice and feel I need to go through it again. It has helped me focus on my style and realize what I like. I feel much more confident in planning my fall capsule wardrobe. Thank you!

Has been very helpful


This course combined with the podcast you recorded have been very helpful in training me to use my fan better. I especially like the suggestions to compare the garment to the lipstick colors and to hide the close colors on the fan.

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