Makeup at 60

A video showing how I apply makeup. I'm not a professional so by all means, please do try this at home!

The video is long, more than 10 minutes, but that's because of all the chit-chat along the way. In real life, applying this makeup will take less than five minutes.

I'm just a regular woman putting on makeup, and if this encourages you to apply a little makeup yourself, it has served a purpose. See below thee video for links to products I'm using.

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List of products that I'm using or referring to:

Lip Balm with beeswax, no perfume // Boomstick Glo by Cindy Joseph. Burt's Bees has excellent natural lip balm with beeswax, but theirs is peppermint flavoured.

BB Cream // Trinny London BFF cream Light. While looking for a replacement, I came across a new (to me) brand called Gosh Copenhagen. I have ordered their BB cream now and will try it out. Apparently it's fragrance free, which is always a bonus in my mind.

Foundation/Concealer // Trinny London Just a Touch Lily. A cream foundation in a small pot. A little goes a long way. Smooths and blends effortlessly, and really lives up to it's name. I need just a touch of it, to even out in the places where the transparent BB cream doesn't quite cover enough.

Lipstick // Chanel Rouge Coco Flash Bohême. Call me a snob, but I adore Chanel lipsticks.

Lipstick // 12 Blueprints Lipstick Darling Pink. For unsurpassed makeup colours matched to all 12 seasons, I turn to 12 Blueprints.

For a quick guide to picking the perfect lipstick, click here

Blush // 12 Blueprints Blush Watered Silk. For cream blush, I prefer Trinny London Lip2Cheek in Pia. Pia is too light for my highly pigmented lips, but I love it on my cheeks. I do love the idea of a combined lip and cheek product, if you find the right shade for both. Trinny London Lip2Cheek has a really nice matte long wear formula for the lips and a great cream blush.

Brow Gel // Inglot Brow Gel no. 12. I apply this with a small angled brush. And in addition to this, if you have bushy eyebrows like I do, a clear eyebrow gel is super. I use one from Tromborg (a Danish brand), comes with a wand just like mascara (super easy to use). There are several excellent ones out there, with and without colour, in this review the ones from Urban Decay and Anastasia are given top score.

Eyeliner/eyeshadow // Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Twilight Grey. If you find powder eyeshadow messy to use along the lash line, a cream eyeshadow might be better. A dark eyeshadow like Trinny London Eye Liner/Eye Shadow or perhaps try something like this eye shadow stick from Bobbi Brown, the idea being finding a product that is not as harsh as a "real" eyeliner but dark enough to give a thickening effect on the lashes and good eye definition with minimum fuss.