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Neutrals for Summers 

nail your neutral and basic colours


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Be prepared for the job interview

or that important online meeting

by knowing exactly which neutrals to choose when putting together an outfit that presents you in the best possible way

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You know you are one of the three Summers.

But you are struggling with getting the neutrals right.

You are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information out there, and unsure how to create a functional wardrobe using your best neutrals. 

I made it easy for you.

In this compact mini-course, you'll have all the information you need for choosing your best neutrals, explained with Nordic simplicity.

Learn how to express your Summer essence

by picking your neutrals with ease.  

Let me show you how!

With this course, you will be confidently shopping and making outfits with 

neutrals and basic colours. 

And as a result, you'll save energy, time and money!

You wish you could bottle your colour analyst and have her with you in your handbag. You wish she could sit on your shoulder as you are struggling to figure out your neutrals. 

Well, here I am, ready to help you in this mini-course about neutrals for the Summer Seasons.

What's covered in the course:

The Neutral colours of the Summer Seasons

In short, snappy audio lessons I walk you through how to identify the right neutrals for the Summer Seasons, while you're looking at images and examples in each lesson.


Basic Colours

There are some fabulous ways of using "colour" colours as basic colours when building a wardrobe, and I cover those also.

What People Are Saying About

the Neutrals for Summers course

Helpful in deciding what neutrals to be choosing!

I loved the course. I found it very helpful in defining what neutral colours to be choosing. Thank-you for making it!


Very easy to follow and very inspirational

Wonderful course. It was very easy to follow and very inspirational in it's color suggestions. Thank-you!


Deepened my sense of being a summer person

I settled in with a mug of tea and my knitting to deepen my sense of being a summer person while enjoying Jorunn’s company. This mini course provides excellent visual examples as well as clear descriptions that distinguish summer neutrals from those of other seasons. I found the section on gray particularly helpful to be able to recognize how colors mix into gray to create unique summer grays. Unfortunately, my attention was so focused on the beautiful images and soothing tone of Jorunn’s voice that I messed up the shaping of my knitting project and had to rip it back to fix it. I am looking forward to going through the course again, sans knitting, and am eager to apply my new knowledge.


It really helps with distinguishing Soft Summer colors

I thought it was quite informative. It really helps with distinguishing Soft Summer colors from the other seasons. Looking forward to more lessons for soft summers.


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Jorunn Hernes

Creator of the

Bright Winter Course

About the Author

Jorunn is an authorised Personal Colour Analyst, trained and certified by her teacher and mentor Christine Scaman (12 Blueprints) in Canada. 

Jorunn is also a qualified teacher (special education), and in addition to being a Personal Colour Analyst she is eager to teach you how to turn this knowledge into skills, so that you can use your season make your practical, daily life even better.

Jorunn feels that absolutely all human beings have an innate beauty and the possibility to contribute with her unique abilities. And she wants to help you find your unique expression!

What People Are Saying About

Nordic Simplicity:

Clean, crisp presentation

I love your site and the clean, crisp presentation of both ideas and clothing.

I’m so grateful for your keen grasp of color and its role in personal style.


Simplicity at its finest

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your emails. They are simplicity at its finest. One thought provoking topic per email in a style that resonates with me.


Humour and insight

Thank you for your excellent advice, humour and insight. The newsletters and articles are very helpful.


"Lifesaving" blog post!

I’m looking forward to your emails :-) Your old blog post on the "reluctant Bright Winter" has been a lifesaver for me!


Changed my view on dressing

I am a bright winter, got analysed early this year and I'm surprised how much this one event has changed my view on dressing, decorating and even gardening, hehe.

I'm looking forward to reading your emails!


Positive, friendly voice

I have been subscribing to your blog ever since your feature on the 12 Blueprints website. You were away for a while, and I was so happy to see a new article from you pop up in my bloglist when you returned. You have such a positive, friendly voice, and your writing is informative and helpful. Your clients are very lucky to have you - maybe someday I will make it to beautiful Norway for a consultation with you.

I love clothes, makeup, all of that, but the current aesthetic in fashion magazines, runways, and celebrity culture is mostly not for me. So I look elsewhere, including your lovely blog.


What's included in the course

  • Video and audio lessons 
  • Control questions to ask yourself when shopping
  • Examples to encourage you
  • Collages to inspire you
  • Practical guidelines for using accessories

Never be confused about your neutrals again

$ 129

  • Audio and video lessons
  • Immediate start
  • Practical tips

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by the 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

I am convinced you will find the course useful.

However, if you're not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.

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How should I use the course?

P.S.: Don't wait. Enroll now, and ensure you have the guide to your Summer neutrals easily accessible all the time.

You can do the course in one sitting, or you can use it to look up what you need at any time, whenever you feel the need to refresh.

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