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Your order will not be processed, but I am so excited that you want the mini-course!

It's just the encouragement I need while polishing the last few details of the content
(well that, and copious amounts of tea). 

You see, I've been thinking and thinking about what I can do to best serve people on my mailing list, and from listening to the subscribers to my emails I've learned that finding the right neutrals for your season is one of the things people struggle the most with.

I have also realized that this is the time for short, snappy, really simple and practical modules of content. So why not offer mini-courses about useful topics?

 And I wanted to know if you really wanted to buy a short and sweet mini-course about how to find and use neutrals and basics for the three Summer Seasons, and well, you want it, and I'm on it!

Your reward is a 30% discount on an already reasonably priced mini-course. 

What do you need to do?
Nothing, really, except wait, while I put the finishing touches on the mini-course to make it ready for sale. I will be emailing you with a real link to buying the course when it's ready. 

Back in a few,