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Nordic Progressive – an oxymoron?

Being progressive means being on the cutting edge. Being so forward thinking that your train has left the station and morphed into a spaceship before the other passengers have figured out how to work the ticket vending machine.

You don't follow trends. You follow your own creative mind. So without. even trying, you create trends. You live the trends before they exist, and couldn't be bothered with them when everybody else catches on.

As a Progressive you’re bold. You go where no cardigan has ever gone before. You blaze a trail where dress pants fear to tread.

You MUST have at least one detail about your outfit be unusual. You NEED something about your outfit to be extreme, or else you get all itchy and squirmy, like Jake in fourth grade who never saw a thumb tack he didn’t want to stick on the seat of the teacher’s chair.

You just don’t do ordinary.

Nordic Progressive is the rarest of the five Nordic style types.

How to do Nordic Progressive like a Scandinavian

How would you fit in? The answer is that you don’t. Fitting in isn’t on your agenda. Standing out is what you do best, and you’re meant to be a shining lighthouse in the dusky overcast sea of average.

Being Progressive the Nordic way is being flamboyantly outrageous, but in a straightforward and sensible way.

Incorporating a wildly extravagant handbag into an otherwise plain outfit.

Progressive handbag with an otherwise ordinary outfit

Wearing an accessory in an unusual way.

Wearing a belt in an unusual way

A bit strange, perhaps, but certainly an unusual way to wear a belt.

Unexpected combinations give you a thrill:

Wearing combat boots with a chiffon skirt. Pairing a Mickey Mouse handbag with a studded leather moto jacket.

Combat boots with chiffon skirt
Mickey Mous bag with a studded moto jacket

Infusing something extreme into even the most classic and formal garment. Like a blazer:

Progressive just doesn't do ordinary.

How to do it without using black

You have a Progressive attitude, but you don’t want to look like Morticia Addams or Cruella de Vil.

Being Nordic Progressive means you can totally rock this style type without even touching black with a 143.75 foot pole. It is entirely possible to be a Bright Spring with a Progressive attitude, and wear orange palazzo pants and an asymmetric blouse in teal green, dark blue pointy ballerina shoes and a purple cross-body handbag. That’s Progressive, with not a particle of black anywhere.

Nordic Progressive without using black

And choosing an unusual, triangular handbag is another way to express your Progressive style type!

What Progressive and Quaint have in common

The two style types are akin in one aspect: Nordic Progressive and Quaint are the two most intensely personal and unique style types. Strong individualists as they are, both these style types thrive on unusual combinations and unexpected effects.

But in very different ways.

Quaint is distinctly feminine, Progressive enjoys being more androgynous.

Quaint outfits have a quality that I might call cute, and a person of the Nordic Quaint style type will take that as a compliment. A Nordic Progressive outfit would better be described as “intriguing”, and as a Progressive, you will swell with pride hearing that description, and cringe at being called cute.

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