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Nordic Quaint outfit suggestions to ward off picnic hobgoblins (especially helpful if you live in a small town and/or worry that anything beyond a cardigan is "too much.")

Is being Quaint something you shout from your tree house, while tightening the belt over your vintage sequined cardigan and clicking the heels of your red ballet flats, or is it something you confess in hushed tones, like a rash in an awkward location?

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

When I wrote "quaint" in the search box at Unsplash Photos For Everybody website, this image came up first. 

Coincidence? I think not.

Can you imagine a more quaint and inviting entrance than this one?

Quaint is one of the five Nordic Style types (If you don’t know which Nordic style type you are, take this quiz).

I like the word quaint. 

It has a bouncy feel to it as it skips and hops off your tongue, as a czarina librarian on her way to Lindy Hop lessons. Which is why I picked it as a name for your particular style type.

Quaint is whimsical, unique, offbeat, uncommon, charming, extraordinary, attractive, sweet, picturesque, vintage.

All of which you should be delighted to channel, because the world is in dire need of your enchanting presence.

Feel free to also associate Quaint with:

All these descriptions are genuinely terrific, but it takes a bit of pluck to be seen as any of these, especially if you live in an area where the general style forecast is mostly frumpy, with a chance of scattered accessories.

Nordic Quaint outfits that make you dance the shim sham all the way to the Over Easy Diner

Here are some outfit examples that will help you truly rock your Quaint style in a small town while you hold your head up high and say “So how about this weather we’re having?” to your neighbour Gladys at the Saturday soccer game cake stand.

Choice of footwear is one way to play with an outfit. Take these outfits, that I dreamed up for a Soft Autumn Quaint. The dress is adorable, and it can be "quaintified" (just made that word up) with a faux fur soft rose beige jacket, and so cute vintage shoes. The other outfits feature everyday jackets that are feminine enough without being exceedingly Quaint. They can be "quainted up" (made that word up too, I really must switch to decaf) by pairing them with elegantly Quaint footwear. 

Too much for Wednesday afternoon Community Facilities board meeting?

Soft Autumn Quaint outfits

Then choose the same outfits, but modify the footwear:

Soft Autumn Quaint outfits

See? Still cute, feminine and Quaint, but just a tad more subdued. 

Let's do the same with belts. Belts are the accessory du jour for Quaint. A belt can instantly make almost any outfit totally Quaint.

True Winter Quaint outfits

Adding any belt to the simple peplum top over the black pants is like sprinkling vitamin Q on your outfits. Like the modest belts and the pair of (still ultra cute) ballet flats on the left side.

The accessories to the right are like adding organic Maraschino cherries to the overnight oats, up to and including vintage heels with bows. 

Which side would you go for? And why not have both options in your wardrobe? Then you have both date night and board meetings covered.

Curious about the other Nordic Style Types? Click here.

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