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Quiet – the art of dressing simply without looking boring

You scored high on the Quiet style type because you dislike extremes, You don’t like trendy stuff and you shun complicated looks. Your suave charm is soft-spoken, not wild.

You don’t thrive on being the center of attention and you're not known for making a grand entrance.

If heads turn towards you when you enter a room, you don't think "oooh, they're loving my red dress". It's more like you think it's because you might have toilet paper dragging from the bottom of your shoe.

The superpower of the Quiet style type

Quiet is unassuming and unadorned and excels at simplicity.

At its best, Quiet elevates "simple" to a level of sublime serenity, an apparition that the idiom “a sight for sore eyes” was invented for.

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Being Quiet is not without pitfalls

At its worst, Quiet dressing can be so soft-spoken and reserved that it’s utterly and embarrassingly boring.

There is a definite risk of Quiet leading down the slippery slope to Slop City, with a quick detour into Frumpytown.

You want to come across as unpretentious.

But I’m willing to bet my entire collection of 1980s eye makeup (yes, even the blue mascara) that you don't want to be ignored.

Nobody wants to be ignored.

If your style type is Quiet, you want to be seen as a person, not admired for your outfits.

However, you don’t want to be so restrained that you startle people when you clear your throat because they didn’t notice you standing there!

Checklist to make sure your Quiet outfit speaks clearly (not loud)

Wear your colours

Know your colours and use them with Nordic Simplicity

Getting the colours right is the foundation for any functional wardrobe. Wear the colours that make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle, your hair glisten. A colour analysis will give you the formula for what you need to look for when choosing colours.

Depending on your colour tone, you might need muted colours that are cool. Or your skin will look healthy and radiant in colours that are warm and juicy. It might be that you’ll look lit from within when you wear colours that are bright and cool.

There are 12 possible colour tones. You’ll definitely look great in colours from one of them.

To find a Personal Colour Analyst near you, look up the Analyst Directory on Chrysalis Colour Analysis.

Choose high quality clothes

Paying attention to high quality is more important for Quiet than for any of the other style types.

Dressing simply does not mean dressing down. It does not mean having to extend your budget. Train yourself to spot a well-made item at any price level.

When buying a T-shirt, ask if you can come back and return it if the seams don’t stay straight after it’s been laundered.

T-shirt side seams need to be straight even after having had a turn in the washer, not look like the nauseating last turn of the roller coaster at the County Fair. That T-shirt will look unkempt, no matter what the price label said.

Look at the buttonholes of the shirt. Are they well made, with no loose threads?

Feel the fabric. Go for tightly woven, crisp fabric that doesn’t wrinkle or look sloppy.

Tailored details

This is something that elevates even the simplest item of clothing! Interesting angles of seams, well-placed pockets, darts in blouses, crisp edges with or without stitching.

Any little detail that shows that effort has been made to make the item look well-made.

Accessories – it can be done!

I know, I know.

Accessories is the loud-mouthed bane of your Quiet existence. My best tip is to make accessorizing a no-brainer. Make it habitual. Pick a few accessories and make them easy to grab.


If you have a pair of pants that you love wearing, get a terrific belt that complements them, keep it with those pants so that you remember to always wear that belt with those pants.

Check out the images below. The ho-hum combination of jeans and a simple top. And then examine how much more intriguing the whole look is when you add a belt to those jeans.

And you can wear the same belt on those same pants every time! Believe me, no-one will notice. It won't even cross their mind that it's the same belt you always wear with those pants.

But their mind will subconsciously add the tag "attractive" instead of "grandma filing clerk".

Jeans and top
Jeans and top with belt


Earrings are fabulous. So easy, and always visible, even with your coat buttoned.

Not an earrings person? How about necklaces?


Pick two necklaces that you like wearing, in metal that's in tune with your Season: Choose one long and one short, and keep them by your bathroom mirror. This is important. Not in a box, not in a drawer. Keep them where you look at yourself when you get dressed.

Then every morning, pick one of them to wear, alternating the long and the short according to what fits the clothes you’re wearing that day.


Invest in a couple of scarves in your best colours. Preferably in one of your warmer colours. Everyone has a selection of reds and pinks at their disposal. If you’re an Autumn, rust may be your best red and a warm apricot is your best alternative to pink.

On that dreary dark rainy day, you’ll send warm thoughts my way.

I'll know. I'll feel that shiver of delight from across the globe, wherever you are. In that moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, quickly flinging that colourful scarf around your neck as you head out the door for a walk with your neighbour Jenny, and you see the glow it lends to your face!

Scarfes that make your skin glow

No? Still not on board with the accessories?

Okay, then. I have something for you:

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

If you just don’t do accessories, invest in the best, most sophisticated handbag that your budget will allow.

Because wherever you go, you bring your handbag, right?

And there’s your accessory bonus point right there.

One final note (a footnote, as it were):


Shoes can make or break the outfit. When your style type is as simple as Quiet, footwear should not be sloppy, worn or unkept.

Brush those suede boots.

Clean those loafers. 

Shine those Dr. Martens.

Get rid of those wilted sneakers and buy yourself a spiffy new pair.

New white sneakers

I decided to walk my talk and got rid of my five year old dog tired pair of black and white sneakers and bought myself a pair of white sneakers.

Instant way to create a more polished look combined with my black jeans. 

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