7 part wardrobe challenge

part 3 

Weather season clean up: Get rid of everything that isn’t suitable for the season you’re in

Watch the video first:

This is actually one of the easiest challenges, a no brainer actually.

And it only takes about 20 minutes, including hunting for a box. And what a difference it makes!

I mention Project 333 in the video. It's something I've been doing for many years, I have followed Courtney and Project 333 from the very beginning and I haven't looked back. I really recommend looking into that if you're not familiar with it. And since you've signed up for this challenge, I am thinking that you might be up for the Project 333 challenge sometime in the future. 

Check out Project 333 HERE. I've also linked to the book about Project 333 (I'm an Amazon affiliate and earn a minute commission if you buy via those links). I also like her book Soulful Simplicity, one of my all time favourite books about minimalism (but mostly about how living with less is about so much more)



Seasonally appropriate yours,


...and I'll be back next week with another wardrobe challenge!

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