7 part wardrobe challenge

part 4 

Lifestyle evaluation: Keep everything that supports the life you’re actually leading

Watch the video first:

Wardrobe is not only about clothes. Wardrobe is about expressing your personality, in a way that supports the lifestyle you're actually living.

And speaking of style, I am all for a style created for who we are, not pressing who we are into a certain style.

Living la vida loca,


PS. Actually I'm not living la vida loca. I used to hoard heels and party dresses, dreaming up a life that was not mine at all. I am actually living la vida nordica, a very quiet, practical life with lots of time outdoors and most of the time wearing practical shoes and comfortable clothing. So believe me, I know what I'm talking about in the video.

...and I'll be back next week with another wardrobe challenge!

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