7 part wardrobe challenge

part 5 

Accessory evaluation: Are your accessories actually in line with your lifestyle and needs

Watch the video first:

Accessories are so important. As a minimalist, it's tempting to say wear as little accessories as possible, but I feel that is wrong. I truly believe in finding your own level of accessorising, and enjoying that. 

However, I do recommend finding a middle way. If you wear no accessories at all, consider expanding a little and finding some accessories that you feel express something of who you are, and using them, to avoid looking austere.

And on the other hand, wearing too many accessories at one time can also come across as overkill, so following Coco Chanel's advice and removing one thing is never a bad idea if you're in this category.

Yours wearing one of my silver necklaces,


...and I'll be back next week with another wardrobe challenge!

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