You always wanted to see Oslo, the quaint little capital of Norway and meet the soft spoken, reserved people of Norway, eat fresh warm waffles with strawberry jam and sour cream, see the opera house in the morning mist and the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park in the glow of the low arctic sun. And to have a proper sciART Personal Colour Analysis so you know exactly which knitted Norwegian sweater you shall buy to take home.


Time to make that dream come true?

Spend a long week-end or a short week and see the grand opera house in Oslo, the capital of Norway like you always dreamed of and get the sciART Personal Colour Analysis that you need

What You’ll Get During Your Trip To Oslo, the quaint little capital of Norway

History. Art.

Edward Munch, the National Gallery.

Henie Onstad museum of modern art, the Gustav Vigeland park. 

Roald Amundsen and other Arctic explorers, Viking history.

The Opera House.

Coffee drinking. People watching.

If you're smart, you'll spend an afternoon and early evening strolling the quaint streets of Grünerløkka and the older parts of Oslo. Hit a coffee shop and and enjoy the national drink of Norway: strong black coffee. Or find one of the wine bars. My favourite is the one with an open fireplace.


When you've maxed out on caffein and waffles with strawberry jam and sour cream and need real food, seek out one of the world famous restaurants or other, lesser known gems. See the recommendations of the Norwegian food expert Anders Husa HERE

Your Personal Colour Analysis Appointment.

it only takes a little careful planning to time your trip with a sciART Personal Colour Analysis appointment with me!

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Why can't I wear makeup?

What does it cost?

Can I bring someone to watch? 

Where in Oslo will it be? 

How long time will it take? 

Will my Season change as I get older, so that I might have to take another PCA as I age? 


See you in Oslo!

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And then you can start planning your trip to Oslo!

It was an absolute treat to spend an entire luscious, self-indulgent morning with you on Wednesday.  Meeting you was a real pleasure and I simply can’t thank you enough for teasing out that last little bit of colour for me. I feel as if you have released my inner helium person, obviously not utterly hidden. This part of me always pops out on holiday, in my bright yellow ski suit for instance. With your analysis you’ve drawn aside a veil, you’ve added the ability for me to express all of me not just the light side, or the (overly) calm side but the sparkly parts of me.  

Thank you for the report, it's so nice to have everything written down:)

And thank you for the colour analysis! it was such a nice experience, and I'm sure this will be something I carry with me the rest of my life. I've already had fun using the colour fan on my wardrobe at home, putting together outfits in my Season. What a world of possibilities that opens up at once, when I see the old clothes through the lens of my Season!

Just a note to thank you for the colour consultation in London last November. I had an amazing time, and it was eye-opening to see how some shades of certain colours worked well with my colouring, and other shades very much did not. I was very reassured that I too could see the differences, and you were helping me winnow my way through the twelve options to find the one which fit me. The approach which you used was collaborative yet well structured, using cross-checks at key stages to make sure we weren’t going down the wrong road. It made me entirely confident that the final conclusion was the correct one for me.

This is Jorunn.

- Founder of Nordic Simplicity "Simple, Not Boring" style system.

- Certified Personal Colour Analyst, trained by Christine Scaman of 12 BLUEPRINTS.

- Co-hosts Chrysalis Colour Analysis Podcast with Christine Scaman.

- Can come up with 57 reasons to keep your natural hair colour.

- Reveals complex colour and style in a straightforward way, because it really doesn't have to be that difficult.

- Takes a spoon of cod liver oil every morning. It builds character.