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dates for spring 2022 will be announced

PCA in London, UK

Get ready

You'll get a chance next time!

The fun part of a colour analysis is being introduced to colours that say "Hey you, where have you been all my life?"

And the creepy bit is to see what kind of colours you will treat as toxic waste from now on.

And you'll get to understand why those colours should be avoided like the useless ex that you have no time for, now that you've seen your true forever colours that make your soul sing and your skin glow.

I'll come hauling my big suitcase full of drapes, fans, lights, mirror, and a heart full of anticipation at meeting you and helping you really truly see yourself in your best colours. 

Are you ready? 

This is how it works

Make sure you are vaccinated against COVID-19

I am double-vaccinated, and I want you to feel safe as well! Only book a PCA with me if you have been thoroughly vaccinated, the second dose being at least 14 days before the PCA appointment. 

Choose your date and time

Personal Colour Analysis is in-depth work, requiring my full and complete attention, so I cannot have more than two in one day. 

The dates and times will be displayed below, with a link to pay.

Pay for the appointment

That's right. The only thing that will secure your PCA is to pay for it.

It will not be refunded if you should change your mind and decide to go on a cruise in the Caribbean instead. It will not be refunded if your Gran is in hospital with a broken hip. It will not be refunded if your boss suddenly decides to require your attendance on a world conference in Hawaii. It will not be refunded if you for some reason cannot keep the appointment.

However, should I have to cancel (heaven forbid, now that I've learned how to juggle burning rings while jumping through them), the fee will be refunded in full. 

Your appointment will be locked and secured after it has been paid.

Wait for tantalising information and detailed instructions

I will send emails with everything you need to know before the PCA. Oh, will I ever!

The exact location will revealed to the select few who manage to secure their PCA.

It will be in central, gloriously central, London.


And I can't wait to thoroughly analyse your undertone and watching you catch your breath in awe when seeing yourself with your best colours.

The price for your PCA is NOK 3595 and it comes with your very own colour fan, includes a personal written report (sent to you by email), and a complimentary one hour follow-up session by Zoom three months after the colour analysis, just to catch up and give me the opportunity to see your lovely face again, and to give you the chance to ask questions that have arisen since your PCA. 

Appointments will be listed here:

Watch this space

what other customers are saying


The personal colour analysis I had a while back was really an investment for life.

It has given me more confidence to navigate in a chaotic fashion and beauty oriented world.



What the PCA helped me grasp was that the glow that's revealed is something uniquely ours. We can, for various reasons, have lost touch with it, but the glow is there. So finding the right colours is like recognition of self on a very deep level. This is me! Imagine finding me again!



I would certainly recommend a PCA with Jorunn. It was a really interesting and enjoyable experience, and she is also great company! Jorunn is very knowledgeable and meticulous in her approach, taking time to explain the process thoroughly. What was especially helpful was that the PCA also included a document mailed afterwards, which summarised what we had observed during the session, as well as some very useful suggestions on hair and makeup and how to bridge items in my existing wardrobe. As a client this will be invaluable in helping me to navigate my season. Thanks, Jorunn!