Personal Colour Analysis in London, UK

The fun part of a colour analysis is being introduced to colours that say "Hey you, where have you been all my life?"
And the creepy bit is to see what kind of colours you will treat as toxic waste from now on.

And you'll get to understand why those colours should be avoided like the useless ex that you have no time for, now that you've seen your true forever colours that make your soul sing and your skin glow.

I'll come to London hauling my big suitcase full of drapes, fans, lights, mirror, and a heart full of anticipation at meeting you and helping you really truly see yourself in your best colours. 

Jorunn Hernes Fargeporten PCA Colour and style with Nordic simplicity

Hello, I'm Jorunn Hernes. I am a certified sciART 12 BLUEPRINTS Personal Colour Analyst based in Norway.

Occasionally I offer PCA appointments in the city of tall buses, red telephone boxes and bus drivers who call you 'luv'.

Would you like to have a Personal Colour Analysis with me, in London? Appointments will be limited to join the waiting list now! Fill out the form below and I'll send you an email when I have the next dates you can choose from.

A really interesting and enjoyable experience


I would certainly recommend a PCA with Jorunn. It was a really interesting and enjoyable experience, and she is also great company! Jorunn is very knowledgeable and meticulous in her approach, taking time to explain the process thoroughly. What was especially helpful was that the PCA also included a document mailed afterwards, which summarised what we had observed during the session, as well as some very useful suggestions on hair and makeup and how to bridge items in my existing wardrobe. As a client this will be invaluable in helping me to navigate my season. Thanks, Jorunn!

What a world of possibilities that opens up

Customer, PCA London

Thank you for the report, it's so nice to have everything written down:)

And thank you for the colour analysis! it was such a nice experience, and I'm sure this will be something I carry with me the rest of my life. I've already had fun using the colour fan on my wardrobe at home, putting together outfits in my Season. What a world of possibilities that opens up at once, when I see the old clothes through the lens of my Season!

Stor glede av fargeanalyse


Eg var hos deg til fargeanalyse for nokre år sidan, og eg har hatt stor glede av fargevifta når eg handla klede?

Fargeanalysen har vært stor hjelp


Det går veldig fint! Fargeanalysen har vært til utrolig stor hjelp, og jeg bruker det på alt jeg kjøper!

Bra at du startar opp att!


Eg synst det er så bra at du startar opp igjen med Fargeporten!

Takk for ein fin mail! Eg er så glad for at du driv Fargeporten og sprer den glade bodskapen om fargar!

Changed my view on dressing


I am a bright winter, got analysed early this year and I'm surprised how much this one event has changed my view on dressing, decorating and even gardening, hehe.

I'm looking forward to reading your emails!

I feel as if you have released my inner helium person

Customer, PCA London

It was an absolute treat to spend an entire luscious, self-indulgent morning with you on Wednesday. Meeting you was a real pleasure and I simply can’t thank you enough for teasing out that last little bit of colour for me. I feel as if you have released my inner helium person, obviously not utterly hidden. This part of me always pops out on holiday, in my bright yellow ski suit for instance. With your analysis you’ve drawn aside a veil, you’ve added the ability for me to express all of me not just the light side, or the (overly) calm side but the sparkly parts of me.

I would have written to thank you yesterday but obviously I pulled everything out of my cupboards and edited out piles of black…keeping only one or two vital pieces of polar fleece which are vital to the preservation of life! I really can’t thank you enough for everything, your time, your skill, your kindness and your sense of humour.

En investering for livet


Den personlige fargeanalysen jeg hadde for noen år siden var virkelig en investering for livet. Det har gitt meg mer selvtillit til å navigere i en ellers nokså kaotisk mote og skjønnhets verden.

Identitetsorientert fargeanalyse!

Astrid Terapeut

Det eg held på med er ein identitetsorientert terapi. Spørsmål som «Kven er eg eigentleg?» «Kva vil eg?» «Kva er mine tankar , mine følelsar» Mange (inkludert meg sjølv )har streva med dette mesteparten av livet. Og kluet i terapien er å forstå og komme i kontakt med hendingar og dynamikker som har øydelagt denne unike heilskapen som vi alle er utrusta med fra starten av. Å finne igjen sitt sunne Jeg er som jul og bursdag på samme tid!

Det eg forstod endå betre no i etterkant av fargeanalysen er at denne fargegløden du leitar fram er noko som er unikt vårt. Vi kan av ulike grunnar misse kontakten med det, men gløden ER der. Så å finne dei rette fargane er som ei gjenkjenning på veldig djupt plan. Dette er meg! Tenk at eg fant meg igjen! Jorunn du driv IDENTITETSORIENTERT fargeanalyse 🙂

The approach which you used was collaborative yet well structured


Just a note to thank you for the colour consultation in London last November. I had an amazing time, and it was eye-opening to see how some shades of certain colours worked well with my colouring, and other shades very much did not. I was very reassured that I too could see the differences, and you were helping me winnow my way through the twelve options to find the one which fit me. The approach which you used was collaborative yet well structured, using cross-checks at key stages to make sure we weren’t going down the wrong road. It made me entirely confident that the final conclusion was the correct one for me.
Since our meeting, I’ve been able to use my season to help me pick clothes, fabric and yarn, and to really express myself. I have swapped out the disappointing parts of my wardrobe for better colours, and fine tuned my eye to pick the right shades. The colour chart is a constant companion on shopping trips and much appreciated.
I used to look in the mirror and think I looked washed out and unwell, and I didn’t understand why. I now wear colours which genuinely suit me, and when I look in the mirror, I smile at how vibrant and alive I look, with or without makeup. It has been a genuinely transformative experience.
As a side benefit, I haven’t got “orphan” clothes hanging in my wardrobe, all sad and unworn because they don’t actually go with anything else. All my clothes harmonise with each other, and that’s incredible.