March 25

Pets and Seasons


Can pets be seasons? 

There is no colour analysis available for pets, but that does not stop us from assigning seasons to them, for fun. Here's a gallery of pets and the seasons the owners have assigned to them. A big thank you to all my readers who have submitted photos of their pets. Enjoy!

I'm not suggesting that we go out and buy colour fans for our pets so that we can get the correct colour on their leash or anything, this is purely for fun!

Mackerel, Spring, Norway 


Left to right: Wizard/autumn Pfathom/spring Dikkens/autumn Charlee/autumn Noelle/winter, Canada

Lefty, Summer

Henry, Winter

Limppu, Soft Autumn, Finland

Pus, Soft Summer, Norway

Rhubarb, Soft Autumn

Clara, Bright Spring, Finland

Penni, Dark Autumn, Finland

Naomi, Dark Autumn, Norway

Frøya, Winter, Norway

Tarzan, True Spring, Norway

Albert, True Summer, Norway

Pearl, Bright Winter, Wales

Bella, Bright Spring, USA

Ela, True Spring, USA

Misty, Bright Spring, Canada

Obama, Dark Autumn, Denmark

Kitty, Dark Autumn, Wales

Pearl (Bright Winter), Foxy, Tiger & Amber (Soft Autumn), Wales

Nanuk, Bright Winter, Norway

Tabby, Soft Autumn, Wales

Moses, True Winter, Norway

Mikkel, Soft Summer, Norway

Would you like to submit your pet photo to this gallery?

Get in touch below and I'll send you an email about where you can send in your photo.


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